Hi, I am in the planning face of building an EasyStar with ArduPilot, and I need to buy an transmitter.

I have been thinking of buying a Futuba 6EXP, 6EXG or 7C.

(Yes, I know about the cheap Turnigy, so now need to mention it.)

But which should i go for, 7C is much more expansive, so do i really need 7-channels to get ArduPilot working properly?
And if 6-channels is enough, should I by a transmitter with 2.4 GHz or not?

Hope somebody can give me some good advice.

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I have owned an Optic 6 FM (I left it at a flying site some years ago). It was a fine transmitter for what it was, but I actually went back and read both the 6FM and the Sport manuals before answering Peter-Hans' question to make sure I remembered its behaviour correctly...
Well, anyway, to begin with I'm going to learn to fly the plane, so that's probably going to take some time.
But then, I will start playing with ArduPilot, and see how fare I can come with this transmitter. Maybe there is another way to get the different modes to work?

After reading the manual Nathaniel provided, I doubt it has a 3 way switch.
Still, in this manual of the 2.4 GHz version I found, (mine is FM,) there is a mention of a "SW-3 FLT MODE" switch, which "allows you to choose three different "flight condition modes"-an advanced programming function.".

The 2.4 GHz and the FM seams to be different in some ways, even if they're name is the same.

When I get the transmitter I will get back to this topic and write for sure if there is a 3 way switch or not.
Well, I got the Tx today. It has a 3 way switch (SW3), but it seams to merely be an flight mode switch to cycle between different settings on the transmitter.

Also, there are just 5 channels to play with, because CH5 is locked to the gear switch (SW1).

I haven't got the charger for the transmitter yet, so I haven't been able to play with the settings and stuff.
But the way I see it, I can at least change between manual mode and autonomous/waypoint in Ardu.

There is also a SW2, but also this seams to only change between the settings on the transmitter itself.

I hope I get the charger on Monday, then I will be able to check it out for real.

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