hello all

im new to the multicopter thing..ive ordered all i need, ive done tons of research here and anywhere eldse i can to get hoing in the right  direction.

only thing im at is would it be possible for someone to point me in the right direction here... im using opto isolated escs, ill be using a 5 volt bec..that part is easy enough.. the part i havent figured out is, if i hook up the 6s to the power module..is it going to cook it..

i found the atto board..is there by chance a diy on that ..how to swap it out ,,schematic...any help would be appreciated...unfortunately i will not be able to give back in any form other than donating where i can..


excuse the trping errors, i have only one working arm..



SGT. gonzales

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once i setup the atto board, do i still need to add a switching bec to power the apm... the analog output of the atto is 3.3.. not enough to power the apm

i got it figured out

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