I was curious to know how many of you are members of AUVSI. It seems that is the professional organization to join if you are serious about this hobby. I have been a member for two years, but seldom see or hear it mentioned. I was also curious what other sources you use for information. I currently feel the best info is found here, ezonemag.com's UAV forum, and in the AUVSI magazine/emails.

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I'm not a member, and I'm serious! I think that association is mostly for military/commerical companies. I don't know any university team, for instance, that are members.

For information, the best place (aside from here!) that I've found is the RCGroups UAV forum.
(Or is that what you meant by the EZoneMag forums--they are actually hosted on RCGroups)
Yes, ezone = rcgroups. Although AUVSI is geared towards the professional, thier magazine is great to see what the big boys can do. It is also interesting to see companies like HiTecRCD, Aveox, Maxon, EagleTree, etc. advertise/market common RC devices to the bigger corporations. As far as universities that are members, there are plenty! Embry-Riddle, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Univ. of Alabama, just to name a few. Finally, their UAV symposiums give you a chance to see/touch the latest hardware that you may not get to see any other way. Great for sparking ideas for your own UAV. I took some pictures when the symposium was at Orlando, FL http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=538447&page=2&a...

Thanks for the suggestion; I've checked it out and see that AUVSI is indeed invidual friendly. $50 for one year and $100 for three is very reasonabe I've joined!

Many thanks for the tip....

I am a member. Unfortunately, it's a 3 hour drive to meetings at the nearest chapter (Silicon Valley), so I have yet to attend one, but I do value the various resources of AUVSI, and believe it's a good value for the $50 membership fee. Their next large conference will be in San Diego in June, and I do plan to attend.
This year our robotics team is entering into their competition.
We'll be the first highschool that i know of to enter into it.

Chris - is there a trade association of light AUV manufacturers like 3DR?  I know that AUVSI represents the big iron companies that need a market after the wars wind down - many of our largest airlines started after WW-II by purchasing surplus airplanes - so no complaint with that marketing move.

But - is anyone watching for the interests of the DIY community?  Is there any group that watches the legislative responses to small commercial AUV manufacturers and users?

If not, should there be one?  After all, repressive laws like the ones working its way through the Texas and Oregon legislatures could, if not challenged, squashed or modified, put those states (and more to follow) off-limits to 3DR, JDrones, Parott and other small recreational UAV makers.  The manufacturers have as much to lose as the users.

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