I found this on hackaday.com. It is an open-source autopilot Wiki that looks like it would fit nicely with the community here.

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So you are using a gumstix AND a tiny-board?
Do you also do downlink and uplink -communication through the gumstix
and networking or via the tiny-board and an independent communication-channel?
Do your control-rules in the flight-plan have access to
data from the gumstix other then the IMU+GPS-Data?

Why combine IMU and GPS on the gumstix if you already
have a tiny-board that can do this inside paparazzi?
Paparazzi does have some IMU-support after all.

BTW: the people ar gizmoforyou are building a safety-switch-circuit that
can be used to switch between rc-control and autopilot with an rc-channel.

(Why trust the autopilot to go into pass-through if the autopilot is the one
component you know has failed since you want to override it in the first place.)
where is it?
I'm confused myself.
Last week they mentioned on the gumstix-mailing-list that they where to announce the
board on friday, then postponed it to monday.
Not thats 2 days ago and nothing except the preview is online still.

Hello Marcus,
i am a new member here and very interested by UAV for amateurs.
I am getting a lot of useful informations on this site and trying to discover and learn a lot of things about UAV
I discovered also Paparazzi open source project.
I found your project of porting Paparazzi to linux on a Gumstix Processor board.
The link http://ccc-fr.de/index.php/Dronenbau is not working any more...
Can i find your project documentation on an other link ?
Also, did you continue on this or are you planning to continue this project in the future ?
Thanks a lot
Best regards

PS: My congratulations to Chris and all members here for this great site and community on UAV's.
Very useful informations , guides, exchanges for a beginner are provided here !
As it's the second day that the wiki is down,
I asked the ccc-fr mailing-list what happened and if I can have
a copy of my page from the last backup.

A part of the info can be found at
(Soruceforge changed the URLs.)


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