If you could build a hybrid uav that also operates as an underwater glider it could be sent out and back from international waters without using shared airspace.

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If Macboffin's UAV is following my UAV (to see how I'm making money with it) I could just put it underwater until his craft runs low on fuel.And then continue on my mission.
If only the fluid density of water were a bit more like air ;-)

One of the interesting problems with underwater UAVs is navigation, since GPS doesn't work below a few inches of water. So they basically have to come to the surface to know where they are.
google sea gliders. they cross the atlantic 3 months.dead reconing with gvps correction/they have all time to correct
Why go sub surface when you can stay afloat, sail, and fly?

Nice - do the sail foils drop to horizontal and act as airplane wings ? Do you have a link to a description ?

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