How come in the following PUB module that I am executing via a separate COG, The Rx Inputs that I am receiving for channels 1-4 and 6 stop when I flip the gear switch (channel 5) ?

stackRxPass1 := bs2.Pulsin(RxInput1, 1)
stackRxPass2 := bs2.PULSIN(RxInput2, 1)
stackRxPass3 := bs2.PULSIN(RxInput3, 1)
stackRxPass4 := bs2.PULSIN(RxInput4, 1)
stackRxPass5 := bs2.PULSIN(RxInput5, 1)
stackRxPass6 := bs2.PULSIN(RxInput6, 1)

if stackRxPass5 > 770
stackGear := 0 'Off
laststackgear := 0
stackGear := 1 'On

This is curious. I want to continue to have control of all channels when I flip the gear switch in the scenario I am working on.

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I have resolved this issue. Thanks.



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