Alright, so my Futaba 6EXAP Tx/Rx just came in the mail, and I have NO idea how to set it up. I don't even know how to connect the battery. The "instruction manual" is absolutely no help. It just tells me how to charge the battery and program it.

Could someone walk me step-by-step as to what I should do to get it running?

(I need two channels to control two continuous rotation drive servos, and two standard servos. This isn't for a plane - yet)

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Actually, you don't need the battery. If you're using an electric motor, its battery and the electronic speed control (ESC) will also power your radio. Just plus the servos into the receiver and the ESC into channel 3 and you should be good. Ailerons are channel one, elevator two, throttle 3, rudder 4 (i'm doing that from memory; I may have the last two reversed but when you move he sticks you'll figure it out).

If you don't have your motor, motor battery and ESC yet, then you do need the battery that came with the RC unit. Just plug that into the B port, or any spare port.

BTW, if you've got a a BS2 dev board up and running, you can use its power. Just plug a female-to-female cable from one of the servo ports to any spare Receiver port and it will power the whole thing,

I don't have a motor or ESC yet (I will not be able to finish my UAV in time for the Intel Science & Engineering Fair this year, so I'm entering my ground prototype).

I plugged in the batteries into a channel that was labeled "6/B", which I assumed meant battery, turned on the tx, moved around a few sticks and nothing moved. The servos came attached to the rx, so I'm assuming they are correctly wired, so I dunno what's wrong.

The tx also started beeping rapidly a few minutes in. The screen display said "8.4V", and there was a tiny picture that I think was supposed to show a depleting battery, so I am currently charging the tx's batteries, and probably the rx's batteries after.

I'll see if that does any good after it's done charging.
Alright, I got it working.

So to integrate the R/C with my Basic Stamp, I would just hook the white wire from the receiver channel to an I/O pin, then write a program to read the PULSIN values, correct?

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