Hey everyone! I thank you for taking time out of your busy flight day to help get me going to converting my Sig Cadet Sr. to a UAV!

Currently the RC has a JR 600 Receiver, Os 52 4stroke (a bit on the under powered side) and a with with ailerons. This is just a great all around airplane, and I'm looking to make it a great all around UAV.

My goal with this project is to give this craft a mission, to drop or capture photos over an area out of the remote control reach. So the plane must have GPS, and some way to maintain coordinated flight.

That being said, is anyone willing to help me compile a needed parts list to get this craft flying on its own? I'm wondering what electronics I need to research / buy to install. If anyone has any details for what might make this project work please let me know.

Thank you all for your time.

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Can you tell us more about your skill level and budget? Are you looking to go the DIY route or just want to buy stuff off the shelf?
Well, I have been flying and building RC for 5 years now. So, I can fly and build :P...

As for computers, I'm fairly savvy with windows / linux / hardware, and I have built a few circuit boards from schematics a few years ago. To directly answer your question I want the UAV that is going to have the most functions, that will allow me to do the most with it, and if it costs less than that would be great too!

My end game plan is to have Streaming video, and high res still shot as well. I may add a cargo door, among other things. This plane the Cadet, it seems to be the SUV of the rc world, so I have a feeling its going to fit in just great with the UAV world... So yeah, and ideas on hardware that is going to let me add the most functions or bells is what I'm after.
I would also like to add, I want something that can fly with some type of gyro.... I'm not into the idea of the infread co-pilots.
Any ideas... anyone?
If you want to go off the shelf, the UNAV PicoPilot NAT is now $800. It works well enough, and you can spend your DIY time on the video setup.
What do you mean well enough? What works better? I have more time than money, im all into diy. So that being said what do you think?
I'm tight on funds now so this will be done in stages.... That being said I'm totally into the DIY idea... I would be happy to build my own boards etc...
I think you may be selling the thermopile (IR) co-pilots a bit short, especially before trying them. We find that they work great for our purposes and they're the core of both the Paparrazi and AttoPilot autopilots, which are state of the art at the small and cheap side of the spectrum.

But if you insist on inertial stability (gyros, etc), you might want to start with this, which will still take some DIY skills: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A25863
Out of the Paparrazi and AttoPilot, what do you think would be best for my needs? And where can you get info / parts for the Attopilot project? I didn't intend to sell it short, I guess that when I think of airplanes I think of gyros because I my self am a pilot.
The first step I believe, would be to read through the many sections, posts, and blogs on this DIY site.

Many, if not all, of your questions are answered here and you also receive the benefit of other people's experimentation and experiences, which are well documented.
Could you provide me some link to where I can get data / parts for the AttoPilot project?

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