I found this link...looks cool and has free software for designing PCB boards.
Price is reasonable as well!

Express PCB

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Hi all,

Fast PCB prototype & assembly service provider here, exporting CUSTOM PCB and PCBA with competitive price and high quality, specialized in low volume quantity,parts sourcing included. All fabricated and assembled as per your requirments,no MOQ limited ! The Ideal Choice For a New Product Development / Testing and Verification of Designs.
Our Advantages:

>Most competitive price, no tooling cost;
>One stop turnkey service saves your time & cost;
>Components sourced and bought from authorized distributor with competitive price;
>File review and professional NPI service;
>Full range of capacities to satisfy customers' requirements;
>100% flying probes & AOI test;
>No minimum PCB order;
>Quality guaranteed, you can focus on your core competencies;
>Outstanding customer service and technical support;

Pls just feel free to send file with specifications to sales@pcbnpi.com for a quotation,or you can submmit quotation on our site www.pcbnpi.com . We will reply you ASAP.Looking forward to your prompt reply. Thank you!

With kind regards,
Professional PCB Manufacturer & Assembler, Focus on Quality and Efficiency

For small PCBs oshpark is the best option.

For larger (10x10 cm) Seeed Studio is one of the best pcb manufacturer, I really had a good experience with them.

While I do appreciate the link and the type of content on it, I have to acknowledge that the operations mentioned there is old and we have better and smarter moves through which designing our own PCB is possible.

To design your own PCB, you must need a new gen circuit board and draw holes, pads, and wires for it. We got to use schematics to draw the circuit diagram for our board. That is really essential as the entire implementation is based on the schematic representation of the PCB. 

Having done that, I shall go on to make a VMC or the voice modulated circuit. I seek to achieve it by using self-designed PCB. We can use LM358 op-amp and LM386 Audio Amplifier IC to make a better or advanced Voice Modulated Circuit. This was one of the many ways we can go on to make a simple PCB. Interesting to see, how this PCB industry has evolved through ages. Right back when this post was made for the first time, since then, we have come across a long way. PCB has become a centric player in the modern-day electronic industry. I believe the future beholds much for us and it will be interesting to see where PCB goes. In the meantime, I shall be happy to discuss more about PCB with all of you. I have been following it closely since a few years and would love some interesting conversations on it. 

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