I found this link...looks cool and has free software for designing PCB boards.
Price is reasonable as well!

Express PCB

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I have good results. I use 0603 passives (resistors and caps.) and soic chips. The hardest parts by far are leadless parts, but even those can be done if you are creative. If you still don't believe me, I'll post pictures of some of my work ;)
check out my board in my profile, lots of QFN and TQFP package, not a problem (well... not easy but it is still more enjoyable to do than all the hassle of through hole components!)
Kudos to you both...
I guess I am just getting old...or lazy, but this seems like quite an art!
Here is a excellent and cheep pcb manufacturing service suitable for small DIY projects. Realy good results, and really cheep.

I've written a how-to for using SMD devices. This method is much easier than solder, but it requires some initial set-up. Once you get started, though, it's a ton of fun.

I have used Advanced PCB at 4pcb.com before for a robot (The CalPoly/Slobotics entry for the NASA Lunar Regolith Excavation Challenge). They have some good software with an extensive online and offline library with quick turnaround. I liked them especially since their software would quote you an approximate price.
I'm not totally familiar with the 4pcb (or Advanced Circuits for that matter) pricing model, but I'm sure their turn around time is better than BatchPCB. One thing about BatchPCB is that if you have several small boards (4 is a good starting number) that you need to have made, but don't mind waiting a while, you can get them really cheaply. For example, I have designed several useful devices in 1"x1" of board, which is $2.50. There is a $10 surcharge per order, so as long as you have a couple of these it's very economical. The price increases at the $2.50/in^2 rate, so when they get larger it can become expensive. The few times I've made larger boards they get into the $20 range fast. I've been quite happy with the service, though.
With 4pcb they let me define the turnaround time and would charge accordingly. I don't know their pricing model exactly but it seems competitive especially since they give generous discounts for academia or government projects. They gave us a couple free boards since we put their stickers on our robot which now appears in photos all over the internet; talk about free advertising.
Nice... It may be worth registering with them, at least to get access to pricing information.
is there any1 got autopilot schematic? i really want do my own board.
Too much work but if you want then click on schematic & eagle file for open source autopilot ( diydrones and sparkfun ) site , most if not all publish them.Schematic here is an example from spark fun( click on links under documents)
Those guys seem legit...

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