heres my twin boom pusher i have been working on. its almost done im just waiting on a crystal and new motor mount. in the first version it had a 3s 4200mah lipo and flew 30+ min flights with plenty of power.this is allot more streamline and lighter than the first one so i should be able to go up to a 6000 mah 3s if i really wanted loong flights. a pan and tilt camera will be located on the bottom in a dome. ive seen some waypoint systems availabe but they seem to be for beta testing, how can i get a unit?

58'' lengh
62'' wing
so far around a 60oz or 3 3/4 pounds ready to fly with 3s 4200
efilte 380 bl motor
40 amp esc
hitec 8 channel rx
gws nano servos

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Lovely! Looks like it's got a lot of equipment space...
GPS modules for the DIY crowd are no longer "beta".
Here is an example of one brand of system.
Nice plane! Could you maybe post some plans or instructions on how you built it?
Sam R.
I'm nearing completion on something incredibly similar to this. Before I glue the tail booms on, how did you make yours break down?
My Cessna 337 twinboom knocks down into three subsections...

The tailbooms are permanantly joined to the midwing section and the tail.
The wing end panels detach, and of course the fuselage is separate.

This is a deviation of the kit plans, but joining the tailbooms to the centre wing panel creates a strong packable box shape.
(also since the ArduPilot and all access and sensors are in the wing section, as well as most
A pic from the NitroPlane site.
That's a fine looking piece of airplane right there! I see how it all goes together now. The wing on mine is a homemade KFm airfoil, and I didn't build in any way to disassemble it. Luckily, it finally came to me. I'm going to mount two 1/4" balsa planks across the front end of the booms. I can then mount them permanently (or temporarily) to the fuse pod, and make the wing bolt on. I'm hoping to get a maiden flight this weekend.
Hey, could you post some pics of your plane? And maybe some ways to build it?
Sam R.
Are you speaking to Michael Evans or me?

Sorry, I seem to have hijacked the discussion.

(I have 2 or 3 pics on My Page. I wanted to wait for better weather to take more outside)
Both. You both seem to have really interesting planes.
SAm R.
Sam, it seems that nobody is interested in detailing how this aircraft was designed or built. It's truely a shame. I was interested as well.

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