ir remote capable cameras/ question on FMA FS8 co-pilot

Hi I was wondering what some good relitively inexpensive digital cameras that can work with the prism camera chip. Also, the co-pilot is a receiver that can replace the receiver in your kit plane? And can you define what of the eight servos in the co-pilot control the flight surfaces and which control other devices such as a camera?

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You've now asked this questions three times in three different places and I've already answered it (Pentax Optio A30). Please do a little research on your own before cluttering up these forums with repetitive questions that could have been answered with a quick Google search or following the links that are already here..

DIY Drones Administrator

Therre seems to have been an influx of the "I WANT ONE" crowd lately, vs the real Doityourself experimenters this site was designed for.

Someday an FAQ section may help, as well as the Safety and Regulations section you mentioned.

It won't be fun anymore when drones become available at WalMarts.
The problem is that the I WANT ONE crowd don't read FAQs (or anything else, as far as I can tell) before wasting people's time by posting the first question that comes into their head, regardless of what's already here.

I don't think we can pre-screen people and we do want to be open and welcoming to high-school students, who sometimes need a little coaching in etiquette (and spelling!), so we'll just have to police as we go. But please feel free gently (or not gently) nudge people in the right direction yourself. You're all officially deputized to help keep the signal to noise level high here;-)

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