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Can somebody record this and share the file for those of us who can't watch the live feed?
Here is a forum outline

Text from the NTSB Site:
The event is webcast live on the Web site, where it is also available on demand for the months following the event. In addition, individuals or groups may purchase a copy of the proceedings on VHS tape or CD/DVD by contacting the Records Management/FOIA Division at 202-314-6551.

They are on lunch break right now.. Will be back on the live feed @ 10:40am pac time
Excellent! Can you let us know if you hear anything that sounds especially relevant to amateurs?
Attention webcast viewers:
To submit a question during the forum, send an email to
I have to say I didn’t like what I was hearing from most of the interviewed panel, this would have really been a good occasion to have been represented…
Here's a report from the meeting:
Good article.

"Testimony from Doug Davis, who heads the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft Program Office, made it clear that no one should look to the sky for pizza just yet. The FAA has begun work on making flight rules for small vehicles—weighing 20 pounds or less—but those won't be finished until 2010 or 2011, and he said bigger vehicles may not fly routinely for another decade or more after that."
The pizza deal is kinda funny, a few years ago there was a story floating around and a guy was quoted as saying, UAV’s someday would be used to deliver pizza. Someone’s got to get on writing the code to make sure it brings the pepper and parmesan cheese.

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