This forum reaches some very savvy electronic engineers. Can you help me with the details of integrating solar panels into a design to increase loiter time, or point me to another forum dealing with this topic.

I have a picture of the Aerriane Swift hang glider on my wall. Some simple modifications would make this an exceptional UAS platform.


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check out and keep up with my project at:
i am using five 250ma 10v flex Powerfilm panels on my uav (Solar Falcon). Bought from Iowatech, these panels are perforrming exceptionally. they are very flexible and following the contours of the wing and they are delivering 8.6 volts at 1,250 amps under full load which is very satisfactory for my brushless motor and electronics... best part is they weigh 120grams in total, same as my 7cell 8.4v battery...
Dincer -

Thanks for the info on the solar panels. The Powerfilm panels look good -

Jameco has these for $40 per panel . I could definitely see the possibilities of using these on an outdoor blimp.

Will you give some more details on your power regulating circuit? And are you running just the solar panels or connected to batteries also.

With all I have read I am afraid of overcharging a battery in || with the solar panels.

It is good to hear you are being successful with the PowerFilm panels. That is what I have been looking at also.

Those panels look great, I have been thinking about doing something similar also!
All I have to do now is quit work and will lots of money..... somehow! :)
for the prototype plane i am using both batteries and solar panels conntected parallel to the batteries with a schottky diode, i have not tested them airborne but made hours of testing on the ground. i will provide with some pics and schematics soon. my first plan was to use a bank of farad caps for regulation but later i decided to use batteries instead. my first tests was with a brushed motor but its esc burned. later i switched to a brushless config with 18a esc and it performs good till now.
Wow, I just got the price list for the power film panels, they are allot cheaper that I thought they would be! ($17 ea) I am very interested to see how your set up performs Dincer. I was thinking of an airframe like this could suit me. (3.2m wing span)

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