USAF's UAV DevilRay to use EMF Induction to recharge

Efing Genius !

The article says it "latches on" but in reality, it only needs to fly close to power lines to recharge

Kind of like so---v

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Just a pity that when you bomb the heck out of some 3rd world country the power goes out if the locals have not stolen the cables for scrap already ;) Saw this at Unmanned 2008 as a mock up looks very interesting. They also have a little portable unit you can toss over the cables to steal that is really interesting...
Annnnnd what happens when our nations birds of prey accidently touch both lines on a pole while perched....

It's not fried chicken, but a distant relative...
Something tells me that you see police and neighbor hood watch groups with these over the next 5-10 years..
I would guess by then, docking stations will have been developed which use similar technology but don't involve flying planes in to the transmission grid.

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