If so, tell us about it here.

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Project is Split in following parts:

- Development of Airframe.
- Development of dsPIC based Flight Computer and PIC18 based servo controller.
- Interfacing Pressure sensors & Gyro.
- FLIGHT TEST 1 : The glider will be flown manually with airspeed, altitude sensor & Gyro. A data telemetry system will send the Airspeed and Altitude data on ground. This data will be used for sensor calibration.
-FLIGHT TEST 2: The glider will be flown with only altitude hold program in Autonomous mode. Rudder and throttle control will remain with operator in autonomous mode. Altitude hold function & Switching between modes will be tested.

-GPS will be integrated in the system.
-FLIGHT TEST3: In autonomous mode the glider wil be programmed to circle around a fixed location with controlled rate turning and altitude hold.

- Compass will be integrated.
-FLIGHT TEST4: Multipoint navigation trial with help of GPS and Compass.


The project is in the design stage right now, Airframe is ready. I am working on preparing schematics and PCB for the Flight computer as well as the servo controller. Also working on the Algorithm and is almost finalized.

I would like to have your comments and suggestions regarding this project. I Will keep on updating information as the project progresses.
I am building a UAV. I started with a heli, a blade cx, but it was too small for what i wanted it to carry, and there was too much new things to learn. After picking up a 3.5" SBC, and a load of frame grabbers, it became pretty clear that i should try again with a larger plane type aircraft.

The craft will be ground station controlled, with basic auto pilot navigation. Later, i will add cool features to it.

Chris, i've been reading your posts quite avidly. All i can say is "thank you". The servo controller, the FMA co pilot...all these things will make my life easier. I almost can save that 5 axis IMU for the Heli as planned.

I guess the #1 thing i have questions on, as mine will be using those 640x480 Sony SUPERHAS CCDs, except that the spotter CCD will have a monster computar lens, is on image stabilization. I looked up how to build a steady cam, gyros, a whole slew of things, and i still haven't figured it out. Then again, i dont know how stable my aircraft will be as i started buying things a week ago. However, for the most part, other than programming, which i suck at, I have it figured out. I even am putting a parachute for emergency deployment. :)

Has anyone gotten their UAV to LAND autonomously?
I need to speak to you about a confidential search and recovery (SAR) expedition we are preparing for. It involves customizing one of our tethered surveillance aerostats traversing very difficult terrain. We have a need for wireless video, navigation, transmitters, pan and tilt equipment to help the search party. I see you have interest and skills idendifying low cost tools which may mean low weight surveillance / aerial tools. Can you possibly call me or write. I have not yet had you respond to my DIY Drone communications so lets try the phone.
Hi there Gnesis Factor,

yes, I've gotten my UAV to land completely autonomously. It must be one of THE MOST amazing experience of my life to see a completely autonomous plane doing an auto landing.

Damn, I am jealous :P

Didn't happen to get video of it did you?

i am working on a big uav project, maybe bigger than i can handle... my project is Gündoğan ( Solar Falcon in english). as you can easily imagine she is a solar powered microprocessor controlled totally hand made UAV. i am not an engineer nor electronics expert but only a robotics enthusiast. but still i started this challenging project. i am working with trial and error and some web searching. until now i managed to complete the prototype plane mainframe and manufactured the wing with the solar panels and made the plane ready to fly manually. next step is the navigation electronics. i am planning to leave the flight stabilization to an art-tech co-pilot with IR horizon sensor and do the navigation with DIY Drones' Ardu pilot. the reason is i am used to playing with Arduino. waiting for Chris and jordi to finish their work with it and publish the latest pcb and Arduino code. you can find the details of my project at:
Very creative use of PVC bottles! Why did you choose NiMH batteries? Was it too hard to design a LiPo charger that the solar cells could drive?
oooo....oh we're gonna need to talk! :)

Hi there hypergolic and Genesis Factor,

no... unfortunately everyone at that time was soooo focused on getting the plane land safely under full command of the autopilot system. And to add to the drama it was raining as well at the time! So no one was holding the video cam at the time, everyone was assigned to do sth incase the plane go astray.

Its got to do with the programme..subroutine for landing - lining up the aircraft properly, base leg, final leg etc etc. Thats the tricky bit. And also gain scheduling. Because you are naturally going to fly the aircraft both at gradually reducing speeds and altitude you need to schedule your gains to change perfectly at the right speeds or/and altitude. It's tough.... but my god when it works.. you'll see something absolutely amazing.

Yes iam

I will have the Predator UAV airframe very soon plus some servos and stuff.

Jag är svensk. hehe

Härliga filmer du har laddat upp.
Hi.. my name is mohanakannan from India recently got a bachelor degree in aeronautical engineering. As a final project I designed and built an unmanned aircraft. This aircraft has been built entirely out of junks. I used an old bike engine to power my airplane it is a 125cc petrol engine that delivers around 10bhp. I designed and carved a wooden propeller on my own for my uav. The aircraft is controlled by a 6 channel rc system in which the low torque servos actuates a proportional switch that in turn controls a high torque electric motor to actuate the heavy control surfaces of my aircraft.This new approach has reduced the cost by over 60%. This is one big innovative thing that is found in my aircraft. But I have worked a long time with my control system perfecting it to work almost similar to a high performance servo.
We Indians concentrate first on budget for what ever we do so I wanted my airplane to be built at an extremely low cost. I spent only around 700$ to build my airplane (a massive scale airplane with 14 foot wing span and 55kg in weight). Its a simple design high wing with dihedral so it should fly exhibiting the predicted performance. the overall take off weight of my airplane is over 55kg. I am working almost an year in this project and has successfully completed the ground run of my aircraft.
URL of the Ground run video of my airplane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EvYnF5qwG4

Nice project, Mohanakannan. Very impressive assemblage. A thought I had looking a t the footage is that the engine/prop seems to have almost no downthrust. Am I right on this ? If that's the case, you probably will have altitude gains when throttling the engine full power instead of only horizontal acceleration. Downthrust and side thrust are important on such "trainer" like plane design in my opinion. On my 2m wingspan trainer, I have 2.5 degreees side thrust and probably something like 5 deg down thrust, and even so, the plane tends to climb when pulling throttle up.
Another thought is the wing chord which seems quite short in my opinion. You would have better lift with a some larger wings.
Finally, I probably would have designed a somewhat larger spanned landing gear for lateral stability during touch down.
But overall, based on the refurbished material you implemented in your aircraft, I can only say BRAVO and congratulation. I really hope you get it up and running until maiden. Please post your progresses here! Thanks for showing us westerners that much can be achieved with will, work, and little means, and that sometimes innovation is not only linked with money. I think DIYdrones is exactly the right place for such dedicated examples.
Hey, Mohanakannan, I hope you put an ArduPilot board into your UAV!

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