If so, tell us about it here.

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Wow Mohanakannan

Look forward to seeing the flight tests, good luck.

I´m working in an autonomous UAV, I projected my own airplane, fly by waypoints, auto pilot, all sensors and I'm working in a groundstationcontrole by joysticks.The airplane has 3 m wingspan, 1.5 m lenght, my desire is put a camera onboard to pilot this airplane in a long range, how much bigger the range is better.I don´t have a fotos for now...
hai achal i m just a armature in field of aeromodelling,and knw nothing about it but had some knowledge in advance robotics as i had recently completed a robotics workshop frm iitk.i had a future project just like u on UAV but it is totaly fr army .i need yr helpcan u tell me frm wherecan i have infrmation about robotics and if u donot mind i want to talk to u in personal.my email id is srj0408@gmail.com
I compete annually in a kite fishing contest in New Zealand. Kite fishing involves the use of a kite to drag 1000 meters or so of nylon out to sea with 10 baited fish hooks on the end. You basically leave it out there for 90 minutes and then pull it in to see what you have got. Each year the contest offers a technology prize that I would like to win. Therefore I am looking to have the kite drag a float that contains an instrument package - gps, depth sounder and transmitter. I figure that I should be able to transmit the location of the end of the line relative to me on the beach and the depth of water at that point and then use accumulated data (on laptop) to target specific water depths and/or distances. I should also be able to build a profile of the sea floor as well. So, not really a UAV, but the Ardupilot seems to have all the components I need other than depth, but I can solve that locally. Right now I am reading as much as I can to avoid the need to ask stupid questions and convincing my wife that the $500 kiwi bucks I need will be a good way to keep me out of trouble. I am wide open to suggestions if anyone has any.
good work Mohanakannan ,
impressed with your interest and dedication. If you need help with getting it airborne or installing AP to it send msg with your mail ID I can organize or help you with it. Good Luck


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