considering the sale of my AscTec quad - X-3D-BL Scientific

The quad been sitting unused for 6 months, and I don't expect to get back to it anytime soon. I paid around $2k including various spares (props, ESC, motor, etc), and would take half that. Info is here -

with a blog description here -

and here -

Let me know if interested by PM or email.

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sigh...that was one thing i liked about DIYDrones- NOTHING TO TEMPT ME...sooo prettyy....
GL on the sale. Why not go corporate on the sale? I'm sure someone would like for, i dunno, 2.5K, maybe 3;)
Hi Howard,

I am new to the forum and I too have a quad - X-3D-BL (Non Scientific) and was very excited with your concept of integrating the SRV-1 Blackfin camera and radio board with the X-3D-BL flight controls.
I have no Java experience and would be interested to know how much more development you expected before the flight controls would have been as good as the standard RC.
Do you have any idea what the likely maximum range with the Blackfin camera and radio board could be?
My intention with my Quad is for Aerial Photo's, but with the current video tx and rx plus camera unit the weight is excessive and the control station is too large. Your approach could have made this much cleaner.


I had trouble using a mouse for control, but actually got pretty good results using the numeric keypad for steering - pitch/roll with 8 (forward), 2 (back), 4 (left), 6 (right), 1 3 7 9 (mixed), throttle with + -, yaw with 0 .

I never did any range testing with the Matchport, but one of our users did install these on UAVs for an army contract and achieved Wifi range of 2000m using a fairly standard Wifi access point. I suspect range could be improved with an access point that is optimized for range plus some experimenting with antennas.

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