Is there a need for a cheap, small, color LCD?

I ask because it seems like a few people have asked or tried to hack out their own and i have/know a few solutions as i had a project dealing wearable computers (i went as far as buying those digital camcorders with the mini CRT tubes before i found a decent digital one). I don't know, i use a laptop...i was just curious

BTW, which would you people rather: near eye microdisplays, a mini lcd, or a laptop?

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There is. Sighh, i just don't want to make this into a buying and selling deal. I am always willing to help out and swap gear or whatever.

Most cheap lcds for cars and stuff on ebay or in stores have a transmissive display. The best displays are transflective displays. However, those are usually found on Pocket PCs and you would require a CF FlyGrabber just to view it ($100-- and i have one, love it).

I have these 2.5" LCDs. that i know work in the day time. they also have RCA out and RCA in. They are actually halves of an imaging system that i used for my FPV, and other projects. We also used them as computer monitors as they are near VGA quality and do great text.

another thing you can look into, if you want near eye, and don't mind greyscale, is hacking the wild planet spy car's head set. I bought two of them while they were still for sale direct from wild planet and regret not buying more. I would buy one for your kid or something and take out the headset.
I've thought about using a small color handheld TV. You can pick them up for less than $70 and have RCA in, battery operated and you can even watch Oprah!

No, they are things that i have quite a few of just sitting around. I'll take a picture.
How well do the "toy" head sets work on the spy car? Use your 2.4 camera/trans and recieve w/head set? You say "hack", what's that all about? Ready to push the buy button on one or two and want to make sure they are worth it...
they are black and white, just remember that. They take any RCA based video source.
Genesis Factor,
I picked up two of the cars w/shipping for less than $60. I plan to use a small project box w/battery clips (free as a sample from , a $1.50 3.5mm 3 conductor stereo headphone jack, $1 rca jack and 12v single cell bat (all availabe @ Radioshack) and put together a nice little power source for the headset w/jacks to plug the headset and rca video source, wired or wireless.

Thanks for the great tip on the spygear. The Jakeofalltrades link has been bookmarked and is a good read.
i already picked one and hacked it as a fpv headset, but donot expect too much from this gadget, the image is not so good... however regarding the small price you must not expect too much... :)
My intent for the use of this is less than typical fpv. I would/will be using it only for perspective to match the onboard recorder. It may be even be worn by the spotter and not pilot. So detailed images are not really expected. How did you convert the plug from headphone jack to ?
Could somebody put up a link to where to actually buy the replacement headsets, because the ones on the jackofalltrades websites aren't workin out for me, thanks
It's a long read, but it's pretty clear that they are no longer selling just the headsets. You need to buy the car to get the headset.
yeah i got to the end of that article and thats what it seemed like, just makin sure, thanks though
If you want one, check ebay and yard sales.

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