Hello all

I need a hobby and as a young guy intersted in combat & geeky stuff fresh out of school robotics and electronics just ticks all my boxes.

I'm very interested in making robots and UAV's (for a weapons system concept i had) so i was wondering if any kind people here could point me in the right direction: good books, helpful websites, personal experience and the best place to start.

Thanks for any help.


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We don't do weapons systems here.
:) i know, but its a whole concept involving UAVs

I was thinking about getting Arduino.
You'll find everything you need here to get started on UAVs, including Arduino. Just please don't introduce discussion of weapons--this is not the right place.
..."a young guy intersted in combat & geeky stuff ".

Sounds like someone who's spent alot of time with video games.
LOL good job...you must be an 18 year old, so eager to screw up your life. you do realize that this site is most likely monitored by homeland security right, who will send your IP to MI5? enjoy phone tapping for the next 6 months since they have your IP and being on a list for the rest of your life. Us Americans complain about our rights with the Patriot Act, but in the UK, you'll be surprised how hard and brutal they will be on you with talk like that.

But since i'm a helpful guy, i refer you to chris's post

Join the RAF. There's a good place to start. you'll learn everything you need.

Stick to NON-UCAVs. seriously. The fact that you'll be so open about your intentions means you're going to get yourself arrested, killed, or both.
By weapons system i did not mean a UAV with weapon capabilities.

I'm 18 and I'm planning on joining BAEsystems after i play around for a year.

'open about your intentions' - i didn't tell you guys anything last thing i want is someone taking my ticket to a well paid future.

I'm no pro like you guys but isn't the whole idea of the UAV for combat systems?

Thanks for the link.
P.S. MI5, in need of some new blood?
okay we misunderstood. we thought you wanted to make a weapons platform. BAE systems is fun, but lockheed,

we aren't pros either. hobbists, tinkeres, crazies, and a few geniuses scattered through out.

MI5 demands that you have a BA at the very least ;)

and for us, at least to what most of us will admit to and talk about, it is aerial surveillance, geo mapping, unattended payload delivery, and just plain fun.
..and speaking of combat and fun in the same breath is just plain scarey!
OK dude. i think you have been beat up enough. i know where you are coming from. I too was the combat lusting geeky guy growing up. So much so that I joined the Army as soon as I could. I also loved computers and programming. I was also an aviation buff as well. The computers and the aviation naturally pointed my towards UAVs as they started to emerged.

My UAV project was directed toward surveilance. However, I will not lie to you. When Picatinny arsenal approached us to create a weapons delivery platform for explosive formed penetrators and short range cruise (missle) planes. i was totally excited. I knew i could do it. So don't let the peace freaks keep you from developing something that can aid our soldiers in a battlespace. Just be smart and responsible for you actions and don't do illegal things. if you are going to drop something from your aircraft, don't use live ordinance...Period...until the military approaches you and brings you out to a live fire range.

The prospect of what you want to do creates large problems for the UAV. You have to remember. UAV autopilots are trained systems. They only know how to fly the aircraft you put it in. UCAVs have the unique problem of changing weight and surface area rapidly and greatly. When you drop your ordinance, the aircraft not only changes weight but shape too. So when you get into this remember that you better be designing your very own autopilot that can handle these types of situations. Be ready to create unique programs that change the control loops as the ordinace is delivered.

I recomend before you get into the UCAV side of things (I think I speak for everybody here) you learn how to fly a RC plane. Then look into an autopilot you can experiment with. Learn how the autopilot flies the plane and why. Become proficient at this. The people on this forum may have been a little hard on you. You did sound very young and inexperienced in your posting here. but I am not going to tell you you shouldn't follow your dreams either. Every one of us started out dumb and inexperienced in UAV development and there are alot of people on this forum who have yet to fly a UAV successful. this forum is here for you and everybody else to learn and progress toward the possibility of deploying your very own UAV. Some of us will do this and then end up selling their idea. One of the autopilots that is being developed on this site will be used for more than hobby (I won't say which one) this autopilot will be used for military and civilian application and may even carry weapons some day. this is probably one of the most advance autopilots that is available off the shelf in the world today! This is where his idea was kept alive.

Do your thing.

I do understand where you're coming from and value your thoughtful post. But I just want to be clear about our policy here: no weapons, ever. We are 100% about amateur UAVs here, and that means entirely civilian uses. It's safe to assume that these forums are monitored by the authorities and it's important that we do not encourage in any way any use of UAVs that may cause them to make life difficult for us, simply because somebody decides to break our policy or otherwise fantasize about Bad Stuff.

So fair warning: I will delete all posts that discuss building weapon systems. (I won't ban the authors, but I will remind them about our policy).
Not to sound like a suck up, but i kinda knew things were headed this way if we pressed. Atleast chris isn't banning members:).

But seriosuly, the last thing ANY of us want is for this to become a forum where people take our hobby to a violent step.

Wait a sec...i can't believe i typed that...gah...so unlike me.

Anyways, let's keep it civie, and for the sake of EVERYONE, including our FAA bids, and what not, let's not even suggest the specter of malice :).

okay, i can't be like this much more, i'm going to stop...before...i...reveeerrrrrrrrttttt.....

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