Hello all

I need a hobby and as a young guy intersted in combat & geeky stuff fresh out of school robotics and electronics just ticks all my boxes.

I'm very interested in making robots and UAV's (for a weapons system concept i had) so i was wondering if any kind people here could point me in the right direction: good books, helpful websites, personal experience and the best place to start.

Thanks for any help.


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I understand what you are saying Chris. I am behind you 100%. I just was appalled at the mean responses Sam got. he is obviously excited by what he found here. There is nothing wrong with that. He is obviously young too. That still does not warrant the mob attacks on him. He could have been encouraged as i have done. However i doubt he will even read the post i wrote because of the negative and just mean attacks on him.

I am sure only a handfull of people on this forum have ever had the complete and total satisfaction of getting their UAV to fly a pattern around the field. That satisfaction can not be explained. I hope that everybody who has the interest and the drive to do this succeeds with minimal failure. With positive motivation and help from experienced people on the forum, everybody has a chance at this. I just hate seeing negative posts and elitest attitude toward someone, though somewhat misguided, with excitement and motivation. He was probably crushed.
Fair point. I agree that we should encourage everyone, including encouraging them to play safe. He just happened to hit a hot-button topic ;-)
Thanks Michael King :)

Sorry for bringing up an 'illegal' topic but i would once again like to say that i never intended on a UAV carrying a weapon of any shape or size.

The whole idea is just to increase battle space awareness so our guys can dish out maximum damage to enemies and suffer minimal casualties.

What i plan is very ambitious (i know that) but I'm not afraid of a challenge.

p.s. it would also be cool taking pics of my house :)
Well, well, Sam, you and i had similar goals. mine started as something for paintballing at Skirmish, PA lol. It's become a project in it's own right, that seems to be oging way beyond that scope. I seriously thought it would be as easy as pulling in my RCX with my lego mindstorms and writing a quick program. Boy was i wrong! Then I got a via board, found here, and the rest is documented history.

Google and the government have enough pics of my house. They even update it from time to time.

Sorry for rippin ya. The last thing i want is for this place is to become a hot bed for something that i, and james cameron, have long surmised to be where man finally orchestrates his own extinction.

If you can program, hit me up. I'll explain more when you do. I can help you out and you help me out, as long as it is a UAV and not a UCAV :).
when you start to do this you will find yourself learning alot about this. you can't do this without learning this. There are no turnkey UAVs out there. you really need to know everything about the craft you are building. Stop thinking payload for now and start thinking Inexpensive trainer RC aircraft. This will get you excited as you learn how to fly. In fact, Screw getting a plane right now and pick up Real Flight G4 and practice and practice. I learned from RFG3 and soloed my first time to the field. It was easier to fly a real plane than the simulated ones! Once you get the hang of flying get your first trainer and learn it. Once you have doneall of this, Then you can start focusing on the autopilot. I am going to release a document on autopilots. It will be a good study aid and give you the information you need to setup and tune your autopilot for flight.

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