Ok, somebuddy told me earlier not to write in capitals so this time in small case!!!

My uav structure is ready!!! i have a IP camera on uav!!! i have a data link WIFI 2.4ghz 802.11g range is about 25 KM (LOS)or more only 4 video streaming!!! dont ask me how i did it, its will really become complex!!!but this is verified !!! the think i wanted to know are:-

1. how to increase the spectrum /futaba range to 25 km!!!!
2. if it can't happen than how can i combine my video streaming with uav control! what microcontroller should i use !!! matchport??? xbee??? i need a good streaming video too!!!
3. is there any controller which can me connected to my pc !! n then through WIFI i can control my uav!!!
4. can i control my uav by sr -1 -x expansion board!!! will its work as an autopilot??

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1. You must connecting to more power!!! More power= more range! eg.. A standard tranny battery is only being good for about 5km (LOS) to increasing range to 25-30 you must be increasing transmitter battery to 100volts, more for futaba!!, this is easily done by connecting several batteries together.
2. Using matchport is good for steaming video.
3. All controller are working through pc with correct interface, then working through wife is uav controling
4. control by sr-1-x expansion board!! Then, many wife is working as autopilot

And keep up the good work, I think you've got something there.
4 video streaming with a range of 25 KM? WoW!!!
I'm trying to do the same, but I'm not very skilled in setting up my radios. I have 2 WIFI 2.4ghz radios and 2 rubber ducky antennas of 2dBi. Could you give me a more detailed description of your data link? How did you set the radios, what kind of antennas are you using?



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