I’m using a BP brushless motor and BP ESC with a 3S Lipo battery, and I use a microprocessor to generate a PWM signal (1ms – 2ms rate) for the ESC(with a BEC). The PWM generates 100% duty for the ESC, but the motor sometimes spins, and sometimese doesn’t spin at all. The motor spins 7 out of 10 times. I have tried to switch the motor cables (3 wires) to connect to the different ESC outputs, I couldn’t get the problem resolved.
1. Does anyone have these kinds of experience, or any suggestions?
2. If you have successfully used a PWM from a microprocessor to control a brushless motor through an ESC, could you tell which brand motor and ESC are? I have another ESC (Volcano 30A), but this ESC can’t make BP motor spin at all.


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most ESCs can't run the motor in two directions. if you send 1ms pulses the motor does stop, if you send 2ms pulses the motor will run at 100% speed.

I have programmed motor controllers using PWM, so if you need help, just ask me.

BUT: there is a motor controller that can be controlled using I2C instead of PWM, it even can spin the motor in two directions of programmed correctly. I use those controllers in my quadrocopter. Here it is: http://www.mikrokopter.com/ucwiki/en/BL-Ctrl_Manual , fully preassembled units can be bought for about $60.

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