Hi everyone here on DIY Drones ... As we try to catch up with what you guys are doing with WM devices ... head over to our Pict'Earth group here on Ning and link up yer imagery and vids. We will be working on integrating this with our social mapping efforts as well.

We will be releasing our Python S60/NSeries code very soon! and it should be able to upload directly to Ning in-flight ...

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Hi Jeffrey!

Great to hear about the parallel efforts. Along with the R&D synergies between the projects, we'd love to use your image stitching/mosaic service. Both our cellphone UAV and BASIC Stamp UAV generate hundreds of GPS-tagged digital images as they follow their waypoint paths; stiching them together on a Google Maps grid has been a slow manual process so far, so it's good to know that there are better solutions.

Well, we are working on it. Cant call it a perfect solution yet. We would be really stoked to dove-tail our efforts. If you're up for flying an N95 or other Nseries I can send you some code. Also, we can process your imagery through our Win32 tools if you send GPX data and images. We need to check into the output from your code.

Glad to meet you!

Anyway to link stuff already up over at sky-borg?
I've flown an N90 with um average results. Will keep an eye on this.


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