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So If only we could get our hands on that...

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if your build has fuel type enginesyou could always fabricate your own cells to drive your plane making hollow cavitys of your wings if present into gas storage compartment to feed engine and use old fuel tank as your electrolizer with the open cavitys of wing space the presance of hydrogen in the wings could also help with weight compensation. iknow this is an old post but i had an idea that you may like to use>>
this may give you and idea also where you read where it says sulfuric acid ..its a low percentage to higher volume of water
Potasium Hydroxide is the other catalyst, far easier to get also, been thinking along these lines for a while now...very doable with todays technologies, and light enough to fit in most UAV`s.....

On a side note...not that expensive to make either....with a bit of DIYDRONES common sence...
Would be interesting to get this thread going and having a go????!!!!!
Sulfuric acid does have a higher percent oxygen per mole then water. But the problem is not the oxygen in this application, its is a cheaper lighter easier means of storing hydrogen or getting your energy per mass and volume down. Sulfuric acid is not the best choice this for a couple reason from density to being hazardous, there are better fuel cells for example methanol.
WOW! What a coincidence - i ran accross the hydrogen fuel cell technology for RC platforms on the net last night when I was doing research on solar cells for continuous flying on sunny days. It really is neat and I think an important step for us. Im only a green behind the ears newbie but it just seems awesome.

I totally agree! I think there needs to be more quality USA RC Airplane factories. I want to buy quality planes and parts from the United States. That doesn't mean I think other countries don't have great stuff, but I like to buy things made in the USA. The RC Airplane hobby is exploding and WE should strive to provide the best products at an affordable price to the world. The hobby is not as expensive as it used to be and most people dont know that. With a big PR campaign we could draw huge numbers of new flyers to our beloved hobby. That could only be good for the model airplane hobby, and for the usa economy.
Our best brains are busy inventing new financial products. Anyone need some used-car-loan-backed-securities? 20% interest!!

How 'bout some taxpayer-bailout-default-swaps, if the market goes down, your kids will pay it back with interest!!
I've been building HHO Generators for the past year to be used for Cutting and welding Metal. Never thought of using to power an RC airplane motor. I'll have to see if I can convert one of my glo motors to run on HHO.

The only problem I see with it's use in RC Planes is the amount of power it takes to produce enough HHO to run a motor. The latest cell I built uses 21 stainless Steel plates, about a gallon of Electrolyte and about 28 amps at 12 volts and produces a little over a 1 liter/min. Producing Hydrogen or HHO is easy, storing it and making an on demand system is the difficulty.

Now if you can afford some exotic metals like Palladium, you might have a viable system.
ive seen a smaller hho gen. kit it was a childrens science experiment box set it also powerd a small vehicle it used a combo of crank style dynamo's and solar cell to create current enough to electrolyze the water. but as for h2 output im uncertian....hey but can any one tell me can fuel type rc engine run off of gass type fuel cause if so something could be fabricated to reduce fluid weights on the plane with the palladium what have you got in mind . you can most likely find a good source in a catalytic converter ..well new ones like 10yr old model i believe dont quote me ,
I saw a Hydrogen powered radio controlled vehicle at Toys R Us about a year and a half ago. I think it was a car.
Palladium is an excellent conductor of electricity. I've used a combination of Palladium/Platinum/Silver in a power distribution board used on Satellite transmitters.

While I have not experimented with Palladium in HHO production, the articles I've read said that the use of Palladium in HHO generators will produce more HHO with less current than other metals.
here is is! H2go is the name of the car. Why could the engine from one of these be used?
my ideas on this was to use the small electrolizer to make hho fuel for an rc motor .inplace of rc fuel but instead use hho as a fuel source.but only if it were possable to get a rc engine to run on hho. but the use of the fuel cell it self to make on board power couldent hurt to try it out. i took interest in incorperating this tech for exparimental purpose really . hey but thanks for the ad now i know what the car is that has the prefab tech

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