Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there has flown the 98" MQ-9 Reaper from nitroplanes. Looks awesome and I plane to have this as my FPV drone. There will be some mods like a better paint job and clear dome for camera. Anyway I want to know if this is suitable for FPV. Pros/cons, etc, Thanks. 

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I bought it too but didnt receive yet. we will see :)
Tom this is not an FPV site you will be better served elsewhere with your questions.
everyone is using autopilots, OSD's, wireless cameras and more on their planes. I heard doing that is called FPV (first person view)
Oh ok, I guess the term used here is just UAV, not FPV, Gotcha :)
Please let me know what you think about it after your testing, Thanks.
It is not just a question of symantics... FPV deals with FirstPersonVideo, NOT autopilots.

DIYDrones covers the AP aspect.
Yea I later understood that, Thanks
Papa Jeff found this one and the other smaller Reaper (called a predator B) model to be great fly as long as you don't expect it to be a 3D thrill ride. As for its FPV/UAV capability there is a thread somewhere showing a projected mass that you could fit in it after the normal parts. If I remember rightly it is quite heavy off the bat so part choices need to be good.
Very nice, have you test flown the plane yet because its VERY! sensitive on the CG, be ready when you take off, lol. I have been building my own drone (slowly) haven't worked on it too much lately tho. Good luck on it, its very awesome looking plane in the air for sure.
No I have yet to fly it (aiming for Spring this year). Still working on video integration and final ESC testing. Thanks for the CG heads up. Even before I bought the airframe I had read all the warnings people had (there are tons, as you probably know). Regardless, I am going to give it a shot ;)

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