Hi all,

I'm looking to develop an electric UAV fixed wing aircraft and I can't find a plane with a big enough cargo hold.  The control board I will be using is 15.4cm by 10.3cm and I'm struggling to find any planes that it will fit into.

I have had success building a quady but the size of the board wasn't a big problem then.

I have looked at the Hobbyking MQ-9 Reaper and I don't think it is going to be big enough.

Does anybody know of any planes that would fit my rather large control board in?  or of a workaround?

Any advice would be great.  Thanks in advance

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Hi Lewis,

Welcome to the gang.

Does the board have to be orientated in a certain direction? if so which measurements are width and length?

The orientation of the board doesn't matter, its just and Real-Time operating system along side an FPGA (no IMU).

Length is 15.4 cm and Width is 10.3 cm. It would be best to get a "cargo bay" a litter bigger than 10.3 cm if possible to wire connectors in but begars cant be choosers.

Are you thinking about mounting it diagonally or upright?

Thanks for helping out.

Yes Lewis i was, have a look at the Hobbyking FPV EPP 1.8m.

It has a very deep body that you should be able to cut a space out for the board?

You might just do best making your own fuselage.  If you check out youtube with the term "hot wire RC" or "homemade plane" you'll get lots of videos of people making decent planes for only a few bucks worth of styrofoam.

People cut with hot wire or simply carve with razors or build up from layers of thinner EPS and then sand smooth.


The best option is the X8 Wing from Bevrc.com or Fpvflying.com. The area in the fuse is 50cm x 25cm. I have one and it is a fantastic plane. Will lift over 2 KG and so easy to fly,


I had the Hobbyking Reaper and it was a waste of time and money.

Hi all,

Thanks for your Ideas.  I went for the Hobby King FPV EPP in the end.  My main parts of my shopping is list here if your interested:




ESC: http://www.wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/58247/

MOTOR: http://www.wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/58881/

Going to get a 10x6 prop to start off.

I really liked the X8 Wing but It would have been too expensive by the time I got the other bits for it because it is so big.

Thanks for all your ideas.

Need to find an AHRS next,  theMongoose IMU looks good.

Yes I agree the price is high. It was originally about $140 dollars with a motor but I think there has been such hugh demand they seem to think they can get a higher price. What you have ordered looks good I wish you well. Lets us know how you get on especially with the AHRS.

Mongoose IMU looks like it's using old gyro/accel chips and is WAY overpriced.  ST makes a much newer 9DOF IMU for $35.

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