Hello All.

In my first "profile presentation" I'd like to show you a small piece of my work on airframes for the last 15 years or so... I like building planes with foam and composite materials mostly. If I have to use wood, it will be for reinforcements somewhere or skins on my wings. I'd like to say right from the start that I'm a complete rookie in the UAV automated flight, using the auto pilot modules. However, I like first seat glider flying, electronics and FPV, and I greatly appreciate all the telemetry data I can now have to help me improve my work on the airframes. Help to "automate" my planes will come from my good friend and member of this community Dimitrios, who is posting here under the nickname "jamesmagos". Dimitrios (or James), thanks a lot for your help... :)

Another feature of the APM that I'm completely gratefull for, is the ability we now have to Not cause any accidents on people and properties if something goes wrong with the video or R/C link. For that, please accept my personal thanks to development team, the whole community here and 3DR who made this real for us. Safety is a huge issue, and as you can see I like building bigger planes (sometimes), so for me it is essential. I believe that EVERY model plane on the planet should one day have an APM inside, primarily for safety reason. So please... make it smaller... :)

I was born and live in Greece and my main work is as a telecommunications engineer in the Greek Air Force. I am a father of two small girls and married of course, and I actually don't know what I would do with my life if airmodelling didn't come in my way, but I believe that we make our own fate, most of the time... making model airframes is my breath, UAVs would inevitably cross my road. Thanks for all your help gentlemen.

First plane is like a Huge skywalker-type pusher 'craft, with a 2,8 meters long fuselage. It will fly with two wings, one with a 3,8 meters wingspan and another 6 meter long! The "small" version will be gas powered at first, and my plan is to have solar cells on the big wing and electric engine. Distance from the ground to the top of the fuselage (wing's saddle), is 78 cm. This foamy type "boom" is reiforced on the inside and will be composite laminated on the outside too...

Second plane is a glow-powered 3,3m motoglider which I call "Avra". Means "breeze" in Greek and it had to carry a .90 four-stroke up on a mount and use conventional propellers and Not pusher types. With one liter of fuel, it can fly as you can imagine for looong times... :) It flies with just clicks on the throttle.

Third one is a 2,2m pusher-type again, with a built-up balsa boom and T-tail as you can see. It was specially made for carrying a GIS camera on the belly and another one up front for fpv flying. That is electric of course and is able to cruise with as little as 50-60 Watts of power.

More pictures will follow, all your comments are welcomed of course...



Apostolos (aka DeltaMan)



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Me and my friend's quest for bigger but simple to built planes, took us on a journey to start building larger models back in 2009... Here are some of the first videos of the first big foamy...


0:20 to 01:00 is a bit irelevant... :)


Below you can see the 2,6 meters version of the 2010 model. I think that previous one (2009) was a bit better...




You can find me on Utube under the nickname "DeltamanGr". Now Google mixed my e-mail and my Utube channel, so you can also find me as "Deltaman Gr" (with a space in between)... I have to figure out how to fix that bug when I have time... :(

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