Ok so today i got my ArduIMU and GPS in the mail, yay. However I am a little confused because i am bran new to this. does the ArduIMU replace Ardupilot or is it an add on to it? Does anyone have a picture of there setup with the IMU built because I am not sure what all the holes are for i only know where the programing cable and gyro/accelerometers go.


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ArduIMU actually has nothing to do with Ardupilot. It's just an IMU and is only useful as a sensor package to go with some other device. Were you looking for a full autopilot?

We'll be releasing proper documentation for ArduIMU soon, but in the mean time, just use the photos as a reference guide for the soldering (it's fiddly, so take your time!). Use the supplied right-angle connectors, but you'll have to trim them after soldering and remove the plastic pieces after you've soldered them to one piece (the plastic is just use to hold them in place until they're soldered)
Ok, well i bought an ArduPilot board too. So right now i have the ArduPilot board from sparkfun, The Ubox 5 GPS and the ArduIMU board as well as a FTDI cable. What else will i need to make an autopilot? and was the IMU board supposed to have the right angle pins with it because mine didn't.
In my line of work, we have a saying; RTFM

As Chris mentioned the ArduIMU may not have a manual yet, but the ArduPilot sure does!
We've tried to make this as clear as possible with an "everything you need" list on the ArduPilot home page and in the tabs above, to say nothing of the manual.

You can use any pins for the ArduIMU, but yes, I think they were supposed to come with right-angle ones. Why don't you focus on the autopilot first and then when there's something useful to do with the IMU we'll have proper documention ready,
Ok I think i see where i went wrong, I was thinking that the accelerometers and Gyros on the IMU could be used as the XY and Z senso(http://store.diydrones.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SE-0002-01) So i didnt order them. So now ill go order those and just hold on to the IMU until later.

Thanks for the help. :D
In time the IMU will be interfaced to ArduPilot, but someone must write code for that, in mean time IR sensors will get you in the air. Good luck there is a lot of reading.
Does the IMU output need to be translated into something Ardu understands? It took a long time before Ardu was adapted to both NMEA and binary Sirf. I can only imagine the nightmare. Ideas are simple, reality is the beoyotch and I have no choice but to wait for someone smarter. I'll wait since the idea of thermopiles hanging off an airframe and too many wires needing routing stopped my progress.
Hi there
I'm sitting in the same boat with a Ardupilot and a ArduIMU.
Any news about the HERO :-) who writes the code :-)

cheers from Switzerland
Hello,,Iam new in this forum and i have a problem with IMU for generating pitch angle ,
I am using the Y-Gyro for short range BUT i must make another sensor (accelometre ) along with Y-Gyro for long range correction using adaptive filtring tecq- ,,which accelometre should i pick for this problem,,I am thinking of the X-accelometre but it will be effected by the UAV motion,,so iam thinking of using Z-accolmeter ??? so please help me on this and thanks in advance


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