I'm having a little trouble getting HIL working with X-Plane 9.

I have X-Plane running and I followed the directions in the wiki. I can fly the plane with my transmitter but the trims are way off so I have to struggle quite a bit ti fly it.

It doesn't appear to be working in MP does the hud move? I don't get anything in flight planning or gps location.

A little help?


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Hi Monroe, did you get HIL sorted yet, I've just updated MP to 1.2.59 and have Arduplane 2.73 HIL loaded on my old APM 1 and it's working fine.

The HUD doesn't move if you physically move the APM, it starts to move when it receives data back from the flight sim. So maybe you don't have data coming back to the APM.

Did you set up the IP addresses on the Xplane>net connections>lnet3 page in Xplane?


If your running MP and Xplane on the same machine, the default settings of 49000 and 49005 should work okay, you might need to swap them about though.

You should see the throttle handle move in the cockpit when you move the tranny throttle, you might need to click the mouse pointer in the Ignition switch to start the engine. Are you using the RC pt60 plane, you should load the flight parameters for it from the APM downloads section.

You should sort out stabilise otherwise auto won't work properly, you prob need to reverse roll or pitch on the sim set up page, if you do reverse a channel you need to go back to your tranny and reverse the channel back again so it flies right in manual mode.

Happy flying!

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