A nose dive problem in self made balsa pusher configuration model.

Dear All,
                I had made a balsa mosel of pusher configuration with the poluhideeral wing span of 1.6m.
I had just done a flight test today and recorded some observations.
1. I did a hand launch , plane dives when throttle is more than 3/4. otherwise it climb up smoothly on less throttle .
2. its gliding is excellent ,  so i can say that C.G. balanced correctly on model.

3. As i increase throttle more than 3/4, i t does a nose dive. Can anyone suggest me what cud be the problem.
I checked the angle of incidence on wing and tail , Tail=0 degree and wing = 2 degree(which gives better results on the earlier made models).
The motor angle is 1degree down. Please suggest what cud be the problem

Thanks in advance.


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Glad you had this problem before me. I am about to test fly my 25cc, 2.7m pusher. I was considering the motor incidence and came across all these helpful comments in advance. mm but now what about left and right incidence. with a T tail will the prop wash affect the yaw. and I wonder how much the torque will play into this. any fancy equations someone may have come across that I can work it out. (not too fancy I'm 'van der merwe' not 'einstein')

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