Recently I have started to fly my ArduCopter with camera piloting by video goggles. All is fine, but sometimes it might be difficult to estimate altitude and vertical speed (which are very important!) accurately. OSD is a solution, however, there is another good way, I think. It would be great to have voice alarm messages (optional of course) in APM Planner in case of high vertical speed or low altitude. And if the altitude is below 1 or 2 meters for example, the voice would pronounce current altitude rather frequently, every 1 or 2 seconds. Is it possible to add this functionality? Thanks in advance!

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Altitude warnings would be cool. I've always wanted to 3d fpv to get over the depth problem.
ill see what i can do
Thank you, Michael!

one thing im nto sure about is how to enable and disable this warning.... possibly assosiate it with ground speed, but that would not work with planes...


Maybe add a checkbox in "Actions" tab in "Flight Data" section and call it "Altitude alarm" or something like this. And add some settings in "Planner" tab in "Configuration" section to set the frequency of messages and the minimum altitude when they should start.
I also thought how to realise it and found this is the best way. It would work good for both planes and copters and it can be easy and quickly enabled/disabled.

Thank you, Michael! It's exactly what I wanted!

Going to fly on the quad and test it today's evening.

at the moment there is no way to turn it off easerly. so be warned.
Ok. I will, thanks again!
Planes have "vario" which is a similar audio feedback about the rate of climb. Cross-pollinating some of those ideas (like using MIDI) might be fruitful:

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