Hi Guys,

Could you give me some impressions about the GCS you use? If you can answer these questions for me, it will be very helpful:

- What is your drones’ usage?

- Which GCS do you use and why?

- What are the main features you use?

- What are the best and the worst experience using the Ground Control you had?

Thank you

What is your drones’ usage?

Which GCS do you use and why?

What are the main features you use?

What are the best and the worst experience using the Ground Control you had?

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Well I know after reading a bit of what you have been talking with all the people on this forum that you may don't really like my answer, but your ground station have to be specifically tailored to the type of equipment you are using.. My GCS is a bit simple and complex at the same time! after have been doing this for such a long time, for me, only take me a bout 3 or 4 min to be ready to use! I use an AAT automatic antenna tracker! but that is more in the area or reliability.. and strong video signal, 

I saw in a few answers that you where talking about using android applications.. and yeah you can of/course build a controlled high power CC "MacroNetwork" that allow you to use only once single WiFi signal to deal with everything at once!! but you limit your self to a seriously short range.. So if you specify the type of aircraft that you plan to use, the frequency that you have available, (Individual Frequency for radio, camera, Video TX & RX) perhaps the people here can help you to make a much more educated decision on your endeavor! 

Hi Mrs  Palmeira

What is your drones’ usage?

I use talon.

Which GCS do you use and why?

I use mission planner.

What are the main features you use?

Talon is flying good.

What are the best and the worst experience using the Ground Control you had?

I don't know

Thanks. Spas.

Dembas. good days

1) fly for fun, fixed wing, I used to be a hardware/software autopilot developer, now retired

2) Mission Planner, because it does most of what I need

3) I like and use many/most features.  I have the following suggestions:

- FLIGHT DATA -> SERVOS - provide a slider to position the servo in any position between min and max

- FLIGHT DATA -> ACTIONS - make the buttons larger and allow me to assign the action to the button, e.g. my landing sequence usually starts with waypoint 7.  So I would like a large button that does SET_WAYPOINT = 7.  Although I am fortunate in being able to fly outside my shop and the GCS is located just inside the door, it takes awhile for my eyes to adjust sufficiently to see the small buttons.  Ideally, the ACTIONS tab would have its own window like the HUD.

Hi; I see there's some activity going on on this post, so I'd like to share my experience.

I do aerial surveys in the RGB, NIR, and Thermal bands to target various 'objects' (terrain, structures, PV panels, agriculture, etc.); most missions are flown in "photogrammetry" mode, which require dedicated and specific tools/parameters: to me Mission Planner is best option from this perspective, having almost unbeatable features (and a lot are still to be discovered  ;-).

Another area where I find MP being top-notch is pre-arm checks, calibrations, auto-tune, and "parameter tweaking" in general.

So my workflow is based on MP for flight planning; I then connect the UAV to it to check and arm; as a recent "upgrade" however, after testing QGC and Tower, I setup multiple GCSs' (which can be considered 'slaves' receiving telemetry data from the PC running MP, even though they can be actively used in controlling the drone) running those gs softwares - specifically, on my RC radio I have my cell phone running either of the two (or both, if I want to) to monitor flight times, battery voltage etc, and they also have a handy "pause" button.

I want to thank all the Open Source, Ardupilot, this site, and connected devs: we're seeing something awesome, where even somebody like me can actually have and use an UAV, and try and experiment those new technologies, previously accessible only to a "small circle".



Hi,Beatriz. My drone is use for guiding the way and carry some small things from my here to you there XD. And of course I use it to take pictures from the air.

I equipped my drones with a kind of LiDAR--CE30 from Benewake tech. It is test well. It help my drones detect the obstacle so it can avoid and fly more efficiently. If you like, I'm willing to recommend you to have a try.Here is the product link: http://www.benewake.com/en/ce30.html. And there are other products can help. 

So the drones are autobots, less rely on GCS. XD.

1 the ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 C, not less than -5 C. The average temperature within 24 hours should not be higher than +35 C. When it is over, the operation should be reduced according to the actual situation.
2 indoor use, the use of the site at an altitude of no more than 2000m.
3, the relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 50% at the highest temperature of +40 degrees C, and relatively large relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. For example, +20 degree C is 90%. We should consider that the influence of condensation may happen occasionally due to the change of temperature.
The inclination of the 4 installation and the vertical plane is not more than 5 degrees, and the whole set of cabinet columns is relatively flat (according to the GBJ232-82 standard).
The 5 device should be installed in a place where there is no severe shock and shock as well as the undue corrosion of the electrical components.
When 6 users have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company.

hello  Beatriz Palmeiro:

you are very nice, i like you.

I think you can leave your email and I can give you another choice.

Jakob Schmidt said:

Drone: Fixed wing mapping/surveying

GCS: Mission Planner. Why? lack of other options?
Features: Setup, planning and flight monitoring, post-flight review.

Flight planning interface is not very intuitive, but works ok once you get used to it.
Worst is the log-analyzer, "hidden tools" (Ctrl F).
Set-up can be complicated, but it's more an indication of the complexity of the flight controller (Pixhawk) than the software.

You must check out FlytGCS solution for your needs. I think it matches your requirements. It can help you connect your drone over 4G/LTE with ease and you can fly autonomously from anywhere. You can try FlytGCS for free

The other option is UGCS too.

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