About to Purchase an IRIS or Quad, having trouble deciding on a tablet

Hey Everyone,  This is my first post thanks for having me on DIY Drones

I'm about to purchase a IRIS or a Quad from 3dr robotics.  One of my main things I want to use is follow me mode when I ride my bike just for a few shots in open areas.  From what I understand you need a GPS usb stick for the laptop to get follow me to function properly.

As far as using a tablet do you need gps capabilities or does it communicate through the telemetry for follow me?

I was looking at the nexus 7 or the a13 with the usb fix.  Has anyone had any experience with these tablets and using follow me mode?

Thanks a lot!


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The tablet would need to have a GPS, just like a laptop so I guess the N7 is a good bet. I have not tried follow me.

I use galaxy note 3, note 2 before that, and galaxy note 10.1.
For follow me, I think you'd prefer a phone or phablet, not a pad.

+1 for N7. I got the LTE version and it works great with my IRIS running Droid Planner.

How much do you pay for the data plan on that?

I'm in Canada and am able to get it attached to my regular cell data plan for a "nominal" fee. Costs me about 10 bucks a month for the addon.

Hi Jack,  have you ever received an answer about the tablet?   I also want to buy the correct tablet for my Iris.  Mine wont be here for a few weeks, so I though I would search to see if anyone had answers to what you asked.  

I ended up buying a steadi drone qu4d kit and turnigy 9xr radio. It's a little bit of a dilemma for me. I already have an ipad mini and I can't figure out if fighting walrus is going to release the app and the lightening telemetry antenna. So for the mean time I'm using a netbook with mission planner with a USB GPS. The nexus 7 with the lte is pretty expensive. The only reason I would get the tablet now is for follow me after doing some thinking about it.

You don't need to have LTE or any data plan to use follow me... Nexus 7 has I believed receieved the most attention from the developers of Andropilot and Droidplanner.

So how does the drone get it's position. Maybe I've been misled or misinterpreted what I've read. How does it get it's gps signal or does it just communicate over he telemetry?

Yes it just gets it over the telemetry link. So if you have 3DR radios you will be able to follow me with your netbook.




I have a turnigy 9xr with frsky module. I don't think 3dr is capable on my setup but I could be wrong. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

No you won't be using your TX / RX telemetry you would use 3DR radios.

I do exactly that, using my RC TX for take off and landing, and then sending my platform off on auto missions from the tablet.

I also fly a QU4D BTW its a great platform.

These are the radios I am talking about 


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