This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

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...and yes, you could have done that.  Actually if you want to stick with AC3.0.1 then it can still be loaded with the "Pick previous firmware" link on the mission planner's Install Firmware screen.

I'm just about ready to go Auto Tune, a quantum leap forward for me I can assure you of that. I have been using 3.1 Rc5 for some time and I am impressed, I'm happy with Stab mode, Alt_Hld does just that, took a bit off tweaking but it got there, Loiter works very well, in slightly gusty conditions this morning it would have maintained position inside a metre, when the breeze dropped off it was right on the money. Pitch and Roll is very solid so tomorrow morning looks like AT day (after a few quite words with the big banana upstairs tonight) and it's fair to say I can feel the butterflies already.

I was wondering if I should upgrade to Rc8, your thoughts appreciated, and in doing so would I lose any of my settings?

When doing AT should I unlock the Pitch and Roll and leave it unlocked?, at the moment my settings for this are both .1200, it feels real solid locking back level after smashing the sticks around.

Great work to all the development team for a great product, your all deserve a pay rise(Chris)


I would upgrade to 3.1. No settings should change.

You don't need to unlock roll and pitch, auto tune treats them seperatly anyway.

Let us know how you go, and remember that you may want to reduce the Stab P value if you want a softer feel.

Thanx for the advice leonardthall, I've loaded the 3.1 version and as you stated no settings were altered. I took the hex for a quick spin in a strong wind, partially sheltered by my garage and there seemed to be little to no difference in its handling, still very responsive.

Weather permitting I'll be out at dawn to have a fair crack at AT. 


I attached the outcome of my autotuning.

Setup is a pretty heavy (2kg AUW) homebrew Spider. I use ESCs with Simon K energy recovery (fun stuff- even though the back current seems to have blown my Atto Sensor (?) ;-)

T 2216 motors and 10 x 4.5 carbon reinforced props (will be full carbon 11" for work)

Battery (4S 5000) / gimbal (GoPro3 Alex Mos homebrew) is vibration isolated from main frame- instead of the gimbal I attached a mass of 250g for the tuning process.

Frame is highly unsymetric pitch to roll axis, which reflects nicely in the outcome.

Flight characteristics are too "digital" for me now- not too suited for a camera carrier I guess....

But- reactivity is awesome!

What parameter to change now to make it a bit (in fact a lot ;-) smoother?

Further more I had some odd problems right after landing after the autotune process:

I get "Mag Sensor errors" and "GPS Errors"? Checked connections: OK!

Will have to investigate later, or has somebody had similar issues?

Also my GPS pos hold settings seem to be corrupted?

Could someone please post a screenshot (exactly the one I posted if possible) for me in order to see what the values are supposed to be? I did not find exactly this screen anywhere- and I have the feeling there is a problem when I change the values in the tab with all parameters...

Independent of this- AWESOME!!

Thank you so much for all the hard work from everybody involved!!

Your loiter PIDs seems pretty high to me. You should lower your Loiter Speed and P&I Rate Loiter.

Absolutely! I am looking for the default values here- hence me asking for a screenshot!

Thank you anyways

Here is a screenshot of mine.

Except for the pitch / roll tuning part, they are default values.

Hi Roman,
Drop your Stab P until you get the feel you want.
The loiter parameters given by Pierre are correct.
You will need to ask Randy about the errors and exactly what causes them.

I am glad you liked the results!
Thank you so much for the quick help!

I hope I will have time soon to do some tuning according to your input!
If I should have the odd behavior of GPS and MAG still I will share my findings for sure!

Awesome FC, awesome community!!

I finally did an AutoTune last week. It's taken me a while to get the numbers posted but AutoTune did a great job on my quad. I had to lower the Stab P numbers back down some as I like it a bit more tame in stabilize but here are the numbers before and after. The Stab P numbers have been lowered from 11.5 to 6.5 for the time being.

Param             Before               After

Stab P              4.5                  11.5

Rate Roll

P                     .0850              .0450

I                       .0850              .0450

D                     .0025              .0040

Rate Pitch

P                     .0850              .0400

I                       .0850              .0400

D                     .0025              .0040

My throttle mid value is 390. This thing, even being just a quick throw down experiment, flies as good or better than the higher dollar NAZA stuff at my field. It will hold a Loiter rock solid within a foot or two radius on a windy day, hold altitude within a couple of feet in alt hold and auto lands so soft the plank guys would call it a "greaser" landing. None of the NAZA powered ships auto land anywhere near as good as they all tend to bounce a little. Everyone at our field is really impressed with this little experiment.

I have no idea what the motors are other than they are 1000kV, the speed controllers are RCTimer 20A SimonK and the frame is now a Turnigy HAL. The original frame needed better motor mounts and longer landing gear so I just switched everything to the HAL which was cheap courtesy of a friend. The Controller is a APM 2.5 with the external uBlox GPS and Compass combo mounted 14 cm up from the frame centerline. I've never had problems with toilet boiling so I guess I've been lucky and missed out on that excitement.

Thanks to all of the Developers for the hard work that makes my weekends fun.

Hi all and specifically Marco Robustini,

Auto Tune on a HEAVY Hex:

So I am trying to summerize what I need to do to get a good Autotune given that my first one on my newly built Hex Frame did not turn out very well tuned:

Result of the Autotune starting from standard params was that it became very solid but the whole thing vibrates rapidly. It also does not respond to Pitch and Roll well, it does it at a very shallow angle (with sticks at max) and vibrates even more at the same time. The Good news is that it is rock solid in its position while in loiter (but still vibrates).


- APM 2.5, AC3.1 mounted in the center top frame which connects directly to the arms. Mounted on Kyosho Zeal tape.

- Hex Frame F800-EVO (DJI S800 EVO (stiff Arms) Clone) Similar to Marco Robustini's But the EVO version with retractable gear.

- Retractable Gear (not retracted while in Autotune)

- Nex5t Camera and gimbal.

- 8000mah 6s.

- Hover at 48% in and out.

- Total Weight: 6.1kg

- Balanced CG.

Wind condition: Moderate to low about 5-7mph.

Possible solutions:

1) There are 6 vibration ( anti-vibration kit by Secraft ) dampers between the landing gear frame and rails (where the battery is attached) part and the body part where the arms are attached (APM mounted on the body part) . Possibly remove them and attach directly to the landing gear and rails part?

2) Gear up or down during Autotune?

3) Remove the gimbal altogether during AT? (Although I had a matching weight replacing the camera attached to it during the AT and I secured the movement of the Gimbal servos (Using Duct tape, but I still had the gimbal dampers unsecured) I could see the gimbal swaying back and forth during the AT. 

4) Leave the Gimbal on but secure it so that its dampers and servos are not moving at all. This will maintain the weight distribution of the system during the AT?

5) A combination of any of the above?

What else would you guys suggest? 

My results are attached after the Autotune starting from standard.

Thanks guys for all your efforts.


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