This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

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Someone asked for extra details on the ATUN and ATDE messages in the dataflash log so I've slightly updated the dataflash wiki page to include the fields and a brief description of what it means.

Is it possible for auto tune to not start if APM is not mounted at the cog? I have a dead cat like frame that is having trouble carrying out auto tuning. When I activate auto tune, nothing happens, besides the copter drifting away. 

You need to make sure your sticks are centred and you don't have any trim set. Other than that you will need to post a log.

I do not have the latest log file. But I have the log file that I tried autotuning on 3.1.0-rc5. All sticks and trims are centered. I am also unable to enable ATUN on the terminal, have tried enabling all parameters but ATUN does not show up. Using the latest mission planner.    


I would suggest doing the tune without the gimbal and minimum battery weight. Then add the gimbal and see if it still vibrates. If it does then reduce all the Stab and Rate parameters by 30%

Let us know how you go.

In your logs it looks like you have a problem with the way the switch is setup. Autotune is on for only around 180 lines (enough for 1 test). Then it is deactivated.

You should check to make sure your radio is outputting the needed pwm range.

I have ensured that the pwn is more than 1800 when on high. If I'm not wrong, its because auto tuning did not start thus I deactivate it and did not attempt again. I will try it again when I receive my new motors, hopefully in 3 days time. Will get back to you again. Thanks for the help!

But just to confirm, can auto tune be carried out a dead cat or spidex like frame where the fc can't be placed at the cg? 

Sorry, you will have to give it a go. We have some ideas how to improve Autotune so it should be able to handle bad cg's better in the next release.

Tried Auto Tune Today. 

Frame DJI 550, Multistar 2216 800kv, 4S 6000mah, 10x47 Carbon Mixed Slowfly.

After tuning, my hexa feels loose and mushy, probably because of the low P roll value. My previous PID was using APM Default it flew better. 

Hello, I had problems auto tuning today.

I have a rigid frame from alu and bass wood. And dampened vibes with moongel.

Though, auto tune stopped after RPGain got to 0.015.

I started at 0.1, should I start with it higher?

The problem is that even with these low gains it is still overshooting. It's a very over powered quad. Hovers at the 33%. With short arms.

Attached logs , might give it a shot another day with Rp starting at a higher value. 

Stock pids work fine, but not in wind or at high speed, so that's why I am trying auto tune.

Here is frame img


I've run autotune on my DJI 450 frame

Everything seems to be OK apart from rate_d has not been changed

here is a log for first two stages of first axis, for some reason it stuck on 0.004000, detailed autotune log is also attached (only ATDE, ATUN and EV messages)


ATUN, 0, 0, 8963.720, 9991.153, 0.090000, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 8356.156, 9292.127, 0.085000, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 8653.599, 10107.86, 0.080000, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 6542.139, 8493.349, 0.075000, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 9603.799, 10780.62, 0.075000, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 6035.020, 7513.669, 0.069999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 9185.005, 10302.42, 0.069999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 6834.020, 6834.020, 0.064999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 6751.679, 7769.967, 0.074999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 10378.24, 11586.91, 0.074999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 0, 6352.092, 7564.765, 0.069999, 0.004000, 4.500000

ATUN, 0, 1, 8362.400, 9456.907, 0.069999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 1, 9454.492, 10499.21, 0.064999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 1, 6632.829, 6632.829, 0.059999, 0.004000, 4.500000
ATUN, 0, 1, 6273.583, 7642.478, 0.064999, 0.004000, 4.500000

Changed PIDs

RATE_RLL_P, 0.090000 > 0.074999
RATE_RLL_I, 0.000000 > 0.074999

RATE_PIT_P, 0.090000 > 0.075000
RATE_PIT_I, 0.000000 > 0.075000

STB_RLL_P, 4.500000 > 7.875000
STB_PIT_P, 4.500000 > 7.875000


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