This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

The AutoTune wiki page is here.


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Cool idea Randy!  I'm sure this will be nice to have for troubleshooting sync problems.

I would like to try to determine the root cause of this, if possible.  I have a fresh supply of spare parts I'd be willing to experiment with if anyone has a theory.

Sorry if this has been asked, but will I be able to initiate autotune with a 6 channel reciever connected via PPM SUM or will I have to connect it conventionally first and put channel 6 on the receiver to channel 7 on the APM?


Does your PPM SUM also contain just 6 channels?

I have been using the PPM SUM of a 4 channel receiver successfully- but it has 8 channels in the sum signal, so I could choose CH7 to invoke autotuning.

Did you check in mission planner if for Ch6 Opt "AutoTune" is also available?

If so I d assume it works also with a 6Ch sum signal.

Hope this helps


It's an ASSAN X8R6MP, I can't seem to confirm if it has more than 6 channels on the PPM out which is why I asked the question.

Anyone know how to run autotune pixhawk with only 6ch radio ?

Frederik,     I don't think that will be possible.  There's no way to remap rc channels above channel 4.

Well I tested it out and it appears to have 8 channels on PPM SUM so that's a nice surprise!

Actually, if you don't use a PPM converter, but rather direct lines from the RC receiver to the APM, then just connect channel 6 on the receiver to channel 7 (or 8) on the APM and you're in business. If you use the PPM, you're out of luck.


I have aquestion, I was able to initiate autotune on my tricopter, however after 8min of autotune it was still banking and pitching non-stop, in the manual it doesnt specify how long it will do so. How long should it do so my average hover time is about 15min.

8mins should be more than enough, are u sure that you didn't touch the sticks(repositioning your multi..) to much during autotune?or maybe servo on your tail is to slow?

Hi Randy, 

I just tried the autotune this morning and got very good results, I do however also notice that the controls are now very sharp and responsive around the center position of the sticks. 

I read that one solution would be to lower the Stabilize Roll/Pitch P values, traditionally on helis, when I got this feeling I usually added exponentials to the controls on the radio, wouldn't this be better compared to lowering the P values?

Is it advised in the manual to correct the position if a copter moves too far from the otiginal position during the autotune? So yes, I did use the sticks to stirr it back cople of times.

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