This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

The AutoTune wiki page is here.


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Sorry Randy, it's here.


Wrong again. 

Maybe you should try to recreate the problems and post again.

thanks Leonard. Let try it again and see if that behavior comes back.

Thanks John!!

I posted my APM1 Autotune results over on the new APM Forum yesterday if anyone is able to browse through them and comment please?  Thanks,

A few days a go, I was like crazy trying to found a solution for a alt hold issue in my new hex and asking help to every body. After some tweaking with accel pid's I felt comfortable to go with Auto Tune.

I just can say... WOW!  Impressive!  My hex just became rock solid, maybe too much to my feel. My Stab P now is 9.000, I'll try to reduce to 7.000 and fly again.  One thing that I noticed is when flying in loiter the hex behavior is very "gentile" (less agressive) than in stabilize mode. The loiter now is very comparable with a Naza (maybe better!!).

Great job guys, thank you!


So do you think that my crash was ESC related or is it related to the High PID values that somehow got saved?

Hi Randy,

I've got a pretty darn powerful quad build here that was flipping out all the time because of inappropriate PIDs for the amount of power this thing has. When I would move the pitch/roll control stick to extremes, the quad would become uncontrollable and overshoot it's mark, going beyond 45 degrees and sometimes flipping.

I upgraded to firmware 3.1 and attempted the Autotune which was really cool to watch. After having saved the PIDs and flying again, I gave the extreme pitch and roll commands to test it out. I do this by moving the roll stick to the left and right really quickly... well, the same thing happened as before the Autotune. After looking at the parameters pre and post Autotune, I found that Autotune had actually increased the Rate P of roll and pitch from where it was initially...

This brings about the question of how does the Autotune calibrate the system? My build is unique in the sense that it is quite over powered:

Motors: T-Motor MT3520-11 kV400

ESC: Phoenix Edge Lite 50Amp

Battery: 2x 6 cell or 2x 5 Cell

Props: 14x4.7 APC Slow Fly

I've now going down with my Rate P for pitch and roll from the Autotuned amount of 1.7 to 0.7 and the platform is beautiful to fly in Stabilize.... It seems Autotune may have issues with power quads? Any comments or ideas as to what is going on?

Also, is there a way to AutoTune Altitude hold? :)

Hi Tom,

This looks like the ESC related problem. Can you supply a photo of the copter. I would like to know what you have in your setup that has let the gains on pitch get so high.

Hi Oliver, 

Can you provide a log file of this happening. I would also like to see your parameter list. There is a parameter in there I specifically added to the control design to address this problem. The parameter is Angle_Rate_Max.

Can you tell me what your pids are and what this parameter is.


Thanks for the help on this. Attached are the pictures that you are looking for. 

At this point, would you recommend that I try the AT again?



hi again leonard & randy,

I have acceptable range of IMU noise but my copter still goes up in althold and in loiter? What is the possible cause? I attached herewith my log for you look at. 


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