This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

The AutoTune wiki page is here.


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Yes it does.


I know that you are busy guy... I just want to see if you had the chance to look at the supplied pictures yet? Also, at this point would you recommend trying AT again.


Yeh, sorry Tom, This is exactly what I expected to see.

The reason your pitch axis is getting so high is because of the long camera mount. This dramatically increases your inertia in that axis, and in doing so allows much higher gains in the pitch pids.

I would suggest you attempt autotune after removing the camera mount and the long tubes. Then after autotune re-attaching the mount.

This was actually a really interesting example and we will add some code to ensure that more extreme examples like this can't mess up autotune. Based on my calculations and your logs, your copter isn't quite extreme enough to cause the problem this addresses though.

Sorry again for taking so long to reply.


Don't worry about the time in response... you're a very busy man with this!

I was wondering the same thing after you asked for the pictures. I will take off the landing gear and report back as soon as I can/ the weather clears.

i am a new player of apm.

i want to use AutoTune.

but in my plane.  it only works 5times, then autotune fail.

could anybody help to find the problem of my plane. thank you .

Here are the Specs on the quad:

Motors: 1805 kv2600


APM Version: 2.6 with Firmware Version 3.1.1


any other log file.

i can not tune pid myself. 


Hi zhang,

I have the same copter and I can't autotune it either, for the same reasons I see in your logs. I have some ideas that might fix this problem but they won't be available until 3.2.

You are going to have to do it the old way. I recommend having a  look at DaveC's tuning guide.

thank you for your reply.

as my english is poor.  translation software, forgive me.

you tell me i can only test pid by myself?

can you tell me your copter's pid .  i am a learnner. don't understand a lot .  

thank you for teach me.

can you give me the adress of DaveC's tuning guide.  

thank you .

I've reworked the Tuning wiki page recently so I'll jump in for a moment.  Dave C's tuning guide is here but really, the most important thing to get right is the roll-pitch rate P value.  This wiki page describes how to tune it in flight.

i have try several times to tune the pid。

but it can not do very well。   the p is so low that the copter can not return to stabilize。

do you know why my copter can not use autotune? as it so small? or the other reason。

and do you know how to do for my copter to use autotune  ,or just wait for new version 3.2.。。。?

thank you 。

thank you for your help can you help me

Maybe you should start by telling us how you attempted to do a manual tune.

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