This is a discussion re the ArduCopter-3.1 AutoTune feature.  A place for people to report successes and failures, ask questions and get answers.

The AutoTune wiki page is here.


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i use 2s battery then the quad autotune good.
the problem is battery. 3s(11.1v) is too high.
but another question is the parment of pid is so low.
could you please help to find some problem.
thank you.

Ok, so it looks like you got a good autotune on 2s.

Is there a problem with the handling on 2s after autotune?


Are you happy with your 2s tune but want to tune it with 3s and can't?

Hi to all,

When doing an autotune which one do you recommend?

  1. Autotune with camera & gimbal.
  2. Autotune without camera & gimbal.

Autotune in the lightest and highest power configuration. So in this case, without the camera and gimbal.

So if I intended to use a 3s I'll autotune it with 4s? Do I understand it right, Leonard?

If you intend to fly in both 3s and 4s without changing the pid settings then tune in 4s. But I wouldn't recommend that.

So maybe I should be a little clearer. 

Remove items that wobble around. Especially if you intend to fly without them.

If you use multiple battery capacities, autotune with the lightest battery.

If you have any other payloads that you sometimes remove, remove them for autotune.

If you fly with different battery cell numbers I recommend doing separate tunes for 3s and 4s for example. If you can't, do your tune on the highest cell count.

If when you add the camera gimbal back on, you find some wobble or shake. Reduce all parameters by 30%.

Sorry, my response before was a very quick answer to your question.

it is good autotune on 2s.

but i also want to use 3s.

can i add the weight to the quad. so that it's same as use 3s battery. then use autotune?  it's pid near 3s?

thank you.

i use 2s autotune 4times  in the room ,no wind.

but the parment is very different.

stabilize p :  rate roll p(and i)    rate pitch p(and i is same )

8.625           0.035                  0.045
8.5078         0.04                    0.550
10.1309       0.02                   0.04
7.9731         0.025                  0.05

no problem leonard. thanks for your immediate response.

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