I noticed here that I "cannot connect via the radios when [my] APM 2 is also connected via USB [because] they share the same port"... but what if I'm not using the USB port for communication — only power? (e.g. AC (wall-outlet) USB power adapter)


If I plug my APM 2.5 into the wall via the USB port (as the power source), will this disable the wireless telemetry COM port, thereby prohibiting wireless communication???


[I ask because I have no DC power source (batteries), and I want to communicate (wirelessly) with the APM 2.5 from another system.]

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Hi Joe

At least on my APM 2.0 wireless telemetry still works if I power it from a USB wall wart. I'd guess it's the same for later hardware versions?



Thanks! I'll give it a shot and share the results...


UPDATE: You CAN power the APM 2.5 through the USB port and still communicate via 3DR air-module — as long as the USB isn't connected to a computer. I'm powering my APM 2.5 through the USB plugged into a normal 110V wall outlet, and I have no issues with radio communication with Mission Planner.

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