I just realized I should have posted my question here, instead of on the blog page. I'm not sure of the forum etiquette, so I'll just post a link here and you can respond here or there:



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I am coming in late to this discussion, but there is a very nice, detailed description of quad rotor dynamics in this Stanford paper. There are a lot of good reference papers available on their site if you want to go deeper into things. BTW, the paper I linked to above is the 2nd reference on their Conference Papers page.

I happened to come across this paper in my web travels


which basically re-iterates what Bill Premerlani said, in more quantitative terms. It also points out what I had found - that many papers overlook this key component of quadrotor physics. It also explains why quads designed around the deficient models still work OK.

- Roy

Is there a way other than going through the whole DCM algorithm for just correcting gyro-drift using an accelerometer?

What are you trying to do?

The DCM already corrects for gyro drift using the accelerometers.  That's the sole reason for it's existence.

I am trying to decide the cut-off frequency to be used for a complementary filter based on the gyro-drift error that the DCM gives. What I wanted to know is if there's another way to directly use the accelerometer and magnetometer readings to compensate for gyro drift?

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