I have started to add functions to MinimOsd code.

At first i did it for myself only. Added many functions i thought i need. Then opened this thread.

after a while, Pedro and later Miguel came, and things started to happen fast. :D

They have optimised the code and added even more things to it.

They have worked hard on CT, and it became a great tool!

Thank you Bough! :)

By now MinimOSD-Extra got a pretty advanced OSD.

Here it is in action:


- Changeable unit measurement (US, metric)

- Airspeed

- Home alt

- Battery Percent

- Battery used mah

- Current Draw

- Time From Startup (cleared at takeoff to show exact flight time)

- OSD Menu

- Variometer

- Wind horizontal speed and direction, and also the average wind speed of the last few minutes. 

- OSD on/off

- Switchable secound screen

- WP distance

- WP heading

- Crosstrack error

- Warning messages for Lost GPS fix, Stall, Overspeed, battery volt, battery Percent, RSSI

- Efficiency, glide distance & thermic notifier. 3 in one panel

- OSD Brightness

- HAM Call Sign

- After flight summary

- Trip distance

- Temperature

- Smoothened horizon

- Real heading


- Vertical speed

This functions can be turned on and off, and placed on different screens now, by the Config. tool.

Also RSSI, switching mode and channel and unit measurement, Stall speed warning, Overspeed warning, Battery warning volt, Battery percent warning, RSSI warning,  can be set in new Config Tool.

We built in a new way of setting video standards. Now OSD does not guessing anymore :). You can set it fixed from CT. It is in "Video Mode" menu.

Here is how it looks: (This video is a bit outdated, sorry. I will make a new one soon.)

The MinimOSD-Extra project is here: Link

This project is the developing version of the official Arducam OSD located here: Link

The latest stable version is: 2.2

The latest version can be downloaded from here: MinimOSD-Extra R800

Username: MinimOSD_Extra

Password: Top_Secret

CT is included. (The FW for Plane, Copter, Character upload and the character file is in the "FW & Char" directory inside CT directory)

We are sharing it to see videos you make using it! :)


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Hi Crio,

Does it works as expected now?

Yes sometimes we fall into this mistake.

Things that are unequivocal for us, isn't for others.

I will work on this a bit, i promiss! :)


It works in a sense the image and chars are clear. But as I said, the save position on design mode is not the same on video. As you said, is because of icons you said will be fixed.

I am really impressed about this, thanks a lot

Is anyone else having issues with RSSI? I am getting16% with RSSI Raw, and  -180% without it checked. It doesn't change when I switch the Tx on and off. The DL Rx pin measures 2.75v max, and .89v with the Tx off. The MP HUD rxrssi shows 6.67 max, and 5.88 with the Tx off.

Something isn't right here. It worked fine before.

I have done exactly the same as here-"Open Config. Tool check the "RSSI Enable Raw"..." and works fine.I also use DL. 

Hi Iskess,

Did you yry another port?

Like i use port 6 on my apm1.4.

It can be that ports are didferent on different apm hardware.


That was it! Thank you Gabor. I had tried pin 9 and pin 8 with no luck so I didn't try other pins after that.

A6 was the answer and works great.

Does the LED parameter need to be disabled if you want RSSI to work on those pins?  Just a thought, I remember reading that somewhere.

This is for :Plane. I don't think it has the LED parameter, or does it.

Hi Todd,

It is a free port. It has nothing to do with leds in plane fw, as far as i know.

In real life i use this port since the begining.


Glad it worked Iskess! ;)


I use MinimODS on my arducopter and was wondering if it would be possible to add an indication as to when the motors are armed/disarmed?  Maybe this has already been requested or implemented?



Hi Jim,

It is in already.

It is a skull or an airscrew sign next to your mode. 


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