I have started to add functions to MinimOsd code.

At first i did it for myself only. Added many functions i thought i need. Then opened this thread.

after a while, Pedro and later Miguel came, and things started to happen fast. :D

They have optimised the code and added even more things to it.

They have worked hard on CT, and it became a great tool!

Thank you Bough! :)

By now MinimOSD-Extra got a pretty advanced OSD.

Here it is in action:


- Changeable unit measurement (US, metric)

- Airspeed

- Home alt

- Battery Percent

- Battery used mah

- Current Draw

- Time From Startup (cleared at takeoff to show exact flight time)

- OSD Menu

- Variometer

- Wind horizontal speed and direction, and also the average wind speed of the last few minutes. 

- OSD on/off

- Switchable secound screen

- WP distance

- WP heading

- Crosstrack error

- Warning messages for Lost GPS fix, Stall, Overspeed, battery volt, battery Percent, RSSI

- Efficiency, glide distance & thermic notifier. 3 in one panel

- OSD Brightness

- HAM Call Sign

- After flight summary

- Trip distance

- Temperature

- Smoothened horizon

- Real heading


- Vertical speed

This functions can be turned on and off, and placed on different screens now, by the Config. tool.

Also RSSI, switching mode and channel and unit measurement, Stall speed warning, Overspeed warning, Battery warning volt, Battery percent warning, RSSI warning,  can be set in new Config Tool.

We built in a new way of setting video standards. Now OSD does not guessing anymore :). You can set it fixed from CT. It is in "Video Mode" menu.

Here is how it looks: (This video is a bit outdated, sorry. I will make a new one soon.)

The MinimOSD-Extra project is here: Link

This project is the developing version of the official Arducam OSD located here: Link

The latest stable version is: 2.2

The latest version can be downloaded from here: MinimOSD-Extra R800

Username: MinimOSD_Extra

Password: Top_Secret

CT is included. (The FW for Plane, Copter, Character upload and the character file is in the "FW & Char" directory inside CT directory)

We are sharing it to see videos you make using it! :)


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hi miguel,

yes it works! if I use raw, I can see the pwm signal strength, otherwise I can see it in percentage (the perc is a bit unpredictable though, but I suppose I can live with the raw numbers as I know the ceiling and base).

A couple of comments for this build:

1) the home distance seems to have disappeared even if I have it in the CT Tool

2) the home direction screen position is wrong, I have it on a different location in the tool but once flashed its positioned somewhere else.  I also see a new symbol on the home direction.. here;s a snapshot:

+1 on the libary posting.. I cant compile it at all with a missing function. tia!

Hi Jayson,

Glad to know RSSI works :) If setting the correct min and max pwm in CT Tool it should also work fine in "percentage mode" (unchecking raw data checkbox).

1) Home distance and home direction panels only appear when there is at least 2D GPS fix.

2) That's not the home direction, it's efficiency panel. In plane version if your throttle is less then 1% it shows "Glide distance".

Depending on pitch and vertical speed, glide distance feature shows either estimated glide distance or up arrow (which means thermal lift).

In your print you point also missing throttle prefix which was removed to save code space.


Thanks for your work on this!

After reading tons of pages about this, I think there is still some confustion about how certain people have gotten the full RSSI+LQ data showing on their minimosd-extra:



1. In my ImmersionRC Toos Receiver config, I can chose to output RSSI or LINK over a channel, but not both. If I'm trying to get the config in the video above, which do I choose to put on Channel 8 so that minimosd-extras sees it?  I don't see a place to choose "Link" in the CT, only RSSI.

2. When I choose RSSI and display of raw mode, I see one PWM value "992%" on one screen then I have to toggle to screen 2 to see the other value, "1376%".

-Am I supposed to have to toggle between two screens to see the two values?

-Are those values right? 992 seems right for one, but shouldn't I get ~2000 for the other? When I change them slightly to say 990 and 1390 and disable raw, I get strange non-raw values, like 2559%. What's going on?

3. It sure is a shame that the EzUHF I2C link (which carries the RSSI+LINK as well) can't be fed directly into the Pixhawk I2C port -- is this possible? I know ssassen has said that comm spec for that link hasn't been published, but it's used on the TBS DiscoPro OSD, so somebody might have it.


Hi Brit,

1 - RSSI stands for "From where in mavlink message do we read the incoming value? From RRSI message or from ch8 message?". So, if you choose in your receiver to output say Link on ch8 and then you choose RSSI on ch8 on CT Tool then you'll see Link. Seeing your video you're "highly customizing" your fw. Just take in account that CT Tool is intended to work fine with the current fw version.

2 - It should show the same value on both screens. It seems that you're using ch8 to toggle screens, or have a different panel in each screen in same position, or maybe your receiver is somehow mixing ch8 switch position with Link value?

If you set max to 1390 and then you see 2559% then it means that 1390 is way too far lower than the value that minimOSD is actually reading. Anyway I'll give a look in fw just to be sure the calculation are beeing done right (I recently lowered the min pwm to 900).

3 - That's a good question to the Arduplane/Copter devs :)


Thanks for the clarifications!

@Miguel:  *nudge* :P

Sorry might be off topic, but a friend of mine says he has this cable : http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&a...

Is that the same as a FTDI cable to program minimOSD?

Many thanks

I think this would work. I just got the 3DR FTDI cable and love it, but it's more expensive, but worth it for me (my old one didn't have the reset function so I had to push reset on the minimosd before every command).

Hi Josh and Jayson,

Sorry for the "delay" in replying :(

Here is the zip with the libraries I use to compile.



Hi Hein,

As Brit said, I also think it should work.

I have also a 3DR FTDI cable which is 5V for power, and 3.3V for communication (as the one you linked). So I think it will work.

Just pay attention that the pin order is completly different.

As long as you connect this way, I think you're good to go:

FTDI <-> minimOSD

5V - 5V






Thanks Miguel, Brit I'll convey the message.

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