Hey guys,

Is it possible for the Ardupilot to send telemetry updates over USB to a raspberry pi? I was able to did it using Ubuntu but for some reason it wouldn't send telemetry when I tried to connect the ardupilot with a raspberry pi.

Thanks in advance!

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Did you ever figure out an answer to this?  Have the same issue and would love to know what you did

Yes, our problem was with the check-sum.  We were receiving the telemetry but the MAVLINK functions were dropping the data because we did not have the correct check-sum file.

Hope this helps

Would you be willing to share the code?  Would be a huge help

Wouldn't a direct serial connection be at least as good?

Hi Søren.

Yes this will work. Im currently using Rpi for video and telem.

Use Ser2net and just connect serial Tx/Rx Between APM and Rpi

Tommy L. uses his Rpi to stream telem and Video. :)


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