Advice needed: Best Gimbal & Action camera combo?

Hi guys,

I’m just starting out with gimbals. My goal is to get smooth decent photography/video and FPV capability.
After some research here is the best I could find:

Gimbal: Tarot GOPRO 3DⅢ…r_warehouse=CN 1

Camera: Gitup G3 Duo (for AV out)…r_warehouse=CN

AV out Cable for FPV…r_warehouse=CN

I’m planning on mounting this to an F450 DJI Flamewheel frame, and then also to a DAYA 680 (should I use rail mounts?). The reason why I picked the Gitup camera was becuase I found out that the latest GoPros only have HD out, and so that was the best AV out sports cam I found find.

Let me know if you share my same thoughts or have other hardware ideas. Thank you!

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great gimbal, i have one, i just wsh it had 360 degree pan

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