Hello, my name is Alejandrina, I'm Ingenieer in agronomy production from Argentine I' m an Ardupilot  happy owner for my new Skywalker, I'm newbie with RC and autopilot, my idea is to obtain aerial photos of the crops to help me to decide fertilization in presicion agriculture; my english is very bad but I'm going to try to participate in this very useful forum.

Here's my New plane on It's first day

Here you can see the Ardu and the minim in the top and the Dragon downside


 Finally the minim moves in front of the plane fro interferences with gps

I have to decide how to attach the compact camera

For the moment I attached the camera like this



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maker-model of the NIR camera?

I had the same camera custom modified for $400 by

Camera Clinic

56 Easey St


Vic 3066


Ok Tomas

Hi Jerry, my name is Willy Fernandez from the southern part of the Philippines. I have been into UAV and doing aerial photography for Surveying and Real Estate Firms using arducopter. Now i want to get into agriculture, particularly, banana plantations.  Our place is one of the largest producer of bananas exported mainly to Japan and other places. My interest is aerial photography over large areas of banana plantations to obtain NDVI indexes to determine the health of vegetation. I am aware of Multispec sofware.  Is IR camera enough to obtain images for NDVI? Do i also need RGB camera? Any help is greatly appreciated.  Please email me at: willyfph@yahoo.com. Thanks Jerry.

You need an RGB too, at least Red channel


Thanks Cala for the reply. I am really new to this kind of undertaking and still doing research. The main problem i have is trying to interpret results of NDVI in determining health of vegetation.  I ran some of the NDVI images taken by others using online software. Thanks again.

Mi Espanol es pobre, so I'll post in English.

In summary, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do this.

Thanks, Pat

Thanks Patrick for the information. I will surely join the group. At present, i fly arducopter to do aerial video/photos over large areas of banana plantations. I want to help in this field to be able to help farmers increase yield or production. Best regards.

Hi Guys,

I'm new to this NDVI imagery. Therefore asking "dumb" question. How do you apply spraying corrections to the mapped fields when you've an analyzed NDVI map? How will farmers apply additional fertilizer on the filed? From farmers side a GPS guidance equipped machines always a must?


Ideally you need machinery with gps and a device for variable aplication, you generate a prescription map and the sprayer, etc. do it.

Check the AgLeader website. There's pretty much everything there is regarding GPS guidance and precision agriculture consoles for machinery

This is positive use of drones for agriculture.

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