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If any of you are building/flying an Aeroquad, Mikro has just released Shield Board Ver 1.6 for the Arduino 328 board. It is available in the Aeroquad Store for $24.95 plus shipping.




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Here's a picture and a link.
These have been sold out for awhile, when are you going to make more??????

Mikro has recently completed the qualification of Shield v1.7, which is slightly different than the one in the picture which is the first Shield v1.6. I suggest that you try the Aeroquad website:


Forum and check for the availability of the Shield v1.7 in Shield subforum.

These boards are stillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sold out!

Does anyone know where someone can purchase one of these boards?
I really want to get started on my project and the lack of getting this board is just so frustrating.

Thanks for any help...


Sorry to hear that the latest version 1.7 is sold out. I have three of the Shield v 1.6.1 and they work quite well. Since the Shield is a unique design, I do not know of anyother source other than the Aeroquad Store. The only thing that I can suggest is that you check the Aeroquad store daily and when they are back in stock, buy immediately. I suspect that Mikro will have more in stock within the next two weeks.

I will start checking every day and when I see them I think I will buy 3 also... Just so I have them for future use.
If anyone have one for sale let me know.
The 1.7 Aeroquad shields are no available on the Aeroquad website!!!
I was able to purchase two so don't worry about selling me one, I finally got one!
Thanks for everyones help!

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