I have a MicaSense RedEdge3 (purchased mid March 2017) installed on a 3DR Solo.  This setup has been excellent for small to mid-sized projects (10Ac - 100Ac @ 400Ft AGL & 80% Overlap).

Mapping Package Includes:

  • 3DR Solo (W/ Remote Controller & Tablet Holder)
  • MicaSense RedEdge3 w/ GPS, DLS (Down Light Sensor), GPS Mast, Calibration Reflectance Panel. (RedEdge3 is Powered by Solo.)
  • 4x 3DR Solo Smart Batteries 
  • 3DR Backpack for Solo
  • 3DR Solo Smart Battery Charger
  • 3DR Remote Controller Charger
  • 3DR 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro (GoPro Not Included)
  • Extra: I have a GoPro that can be included for a bit more, but am assuming the buyer is dedicating this rig to crop mapping.
  • Note: All items are factory. (3DR / MicaSense)

This has been an incredibly reliable setup and has given great results in the 10Ac to 100Ac range.  I've pushed 140Ac when these batteries were at their peak (400Ft AGL @ 75% Overlap).  These batteries are getting tired, so plan to run in the 10Ac to 100Ac range unless new batteries are purchased.  (New batteries run $48 each on Amazon.  Linked below.) 

Here's a sample map with the MicaSense Case Study we put together using this Solo & an older RedEdge3:

Asking: $4250 


Chris Thiesen

Ag OnPoint, Inc.


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