Drones  are now more and more used in agriculture. As a large country of agriculture, China also developed a lot of agriculture drone manufacturers for growing demand of agriculture drones.

       Eagle Brother's 3WD-TY-M12L Multi-rotor Agriculture Drone  

I'm quite interested in how many agriculture drone manufacturers there are in China. I think we can follow this topic, tell us agri-drone company in China you know and reply without repeat of same manufacturers. Please don't forget add numbers before company in successive orders according to previous reply. Remember, no repeat and with successive number to pile up to the last. Thanks very much.

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The use of drones in agriculture is already taking place and many farmers have utilized to this extremely cost effective and useful technology. Today, most of the farmers have adopted the use of drones in their farms which is growing steadily. But, purchasing of drones equipped for use in agriculture is proving costly. That is why most of the farmers prefer to use pesticides by hiring some pest control Nassau County companies where they provide with an intensive service to the farm.

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